This infographic flow chart will guide you through how to effectively re-engage prospects when leads go cold.


First look at how you know the lead is qualified. Every real estate agent will have a different definition of what defines a qualified lead. The infographic provides a few examples. If you don’t think the lead was actually qualified – as in they didn’t appear to be serious about pursuing real estate goals – then it may be best to let the lead go. Invest that energy on newer, qualified leads.

If it WAS a qualified lead, you should have recorded why the lead didn’t convert at the time. Did the lead want time to do more research? Did they simply make excuses for not being ready to act? Or did the lead just drop of the face of the Earth and stop communicating?

Depending on why the lead disappeared, see if you can reengage with a few various tactics.

  • Try a new communication medium. If you only ever talked over the phone, follow them on social media and engage via email marketing.
  • Offer personalized resources based on the lead’s concerns and goals.
  • Present statistics that could convert the lead. Here are some statistics for seller leads and here are some statistics for buyer leads.
  • Ask if you can put the lead in your online database (or CRM) to make sure you can follow up with them later. Most buyers will agree to this.

Now are they ready to act? If so, great! If not, that’s okay too. Remember, it takes an average of 6-8 contacts before a client feels ready to commit to your business.

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