By Edward Hurley

Being a real estate agent often lends itself to some pretty odd things in the eyes of your clients. So we’ve come up a group of real estate memes on what your clients think you do, what you think you do, and what you really do for all of the steps involved in selling a client’s home.

Listing Interview

The listing interview can be nerve racking for many clients. But are you really the conniving scoundrel they think you are, or are you both just playing tug-of-war to determine what you’re going to make from the commission of the sale?

Real Estate Memes

Broker Preview

Broker previews are enormously helpful for selling a home. But while your clients are thinking you and your agent buddies are just stuffing your faces with good food, in actuality, you’re trying to get another agent to see the value in your clients home to help sell it faster!

Real Estate Memes

Online Marketing

As an agent, you know the importance of online marketing. But to your clients, if they can’t see what you’re doing, they think you’re just wasting time. Even though you’re trying your best to get the “easy-step-by-step” system to work for you, your clients think your sitting back at the office just twiddling your thumbs.

Real Estate Memes

Open Houses

Open houses are a great way to meet potential buyers. But, let’s face it, you’re going to spend the majority of your time cleaning and prepping your clients’ home while they think you’re just kicking them out to have the property to yourself.

Real Estate Memes


When you’ve finally found the right buyer to purchase your clients home, and the deal is almost completed, your clients are going to think you’re counting the “fortune” you’ve made from the commission when you’re actually drowning in paperwork.

Real Estate Memes

As an agent, you deal with all sorts of misconceptions. So the next time your clients think you’re having a good time at whatever stage you’re at in the home-selling process, just show them these real estate memes to help them understand your struggle a little bit better.

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