By Edward Hurley

Being a real estate agent is an amazing and rewarding profession. You get to meet amazing people daily, who want to buy or sell a home, and need your help to do so. However, there are people out there who see real estate agents as someone that they can take advantage of. Since real estate agents have heard many stories of the dangers that come with being a real estate agent, isn’t it time that you took the real estate safety pledge?

What is the Real Estate Safety Pledge?

Beverly CarterBeverly Carter, a wonderful real estate agent, wife, and mother, was showing a home in Arkansas in 2014, when her life was taken from her. The murderer said that he targeted her because she was alone.




Ashley OklandAshley Okland, also a wonderful real estate agent and wife, shared the same fate as Beverly three years prior. She was showing a home in Iowa when she was attacked.





Unfortunately for Beverly and Ashley, they were harmed by people who were not normal clients that real estate agents meet with daily when selling a home. Through these tragic events, laws have been passed to protect agents, and the real estate safety pledge has come into effect.

What is the Real Estate Safety Pledge?

The real estate safety pledge is quite simple. There are a few steps and guidelines to follow to ensure your safety while working with possible clients and buyers. Some of the major things that you should do that are listed on the real estate safety pledge, even if you do not take the pledge online, are to always ask for identification or meet people at the office before showing them a home.

Make sure that you make yourself available to other agents as a “showing-buddy” if either of you ever want someone to accompany you to a showing or meeting a client. Finally, never do anything that your intuition is telling you not to do. If you have a bad feeling about meeting with a particular person at a location or home that they want to see, it’s best that you follow your intuition. The number one person responsible for your safety is yourself, so always trust your judgment when working with people.

Reasons to Take the Real Estate Safety Pledge

Reasons to take the real estate safety pledge are also simple: your safety and the safety of others around you. As an agent, you have always heard the stories of other colleagues meeting with oddball clients, or clients who have made a strange remark to them, but it is rare when you hear about a real estate agent being harmed by someone while showing a listing. However, in the event of dealing with such clients, you want a plan in place to get you out of a bad situation. Taking the real estate safety pledge is simple. All you have to do is sign up online and follow the guidelines whenever you work with people you’ve just met.

What is the Real Estate Safety Pledge?

Do yourself, your fellow agents, and loved ones a favor: take the real estate safety pledge.

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