Quadcopters are becoming more and more popular for real estate videos these days. Although mostly relegated to high-end listings as of now, with the probable proliferation of the technology will come affordability for more Realtors.

Why remote control quadcopters as opposed to traditional handheld cameras? Quadcopters allow the mounted camera to fly around, over, and even inside of the property, giving an ethereal and otherworldly feel to the footage. You can check out the video below from Vancouver based real estate agents The Macnabs to get a feel for what quadcopters can do.

Although initially reserved for the bigger marketing budgets of high end properties due to price, quadcopters are becoming more accessible. Prices are as low as $140 for a quadcopter with built-in camera (although it may not have the best film quality), to more high-end quadcopters, like the Phantom, with GoPro mounts for around $600.



While the FAA regulations are still not set in stone when it comes to remote control operated “aircraft,” the current understanding is that if you’re in Class G airspace, meaning from the ground to 700 or 1,200 feet, you’re legally safe. There’s even more debate about if you’re flying drones for commercial purposes, spurred by Amazon’s wish to deliver packages by quadcopter, but laws on the issue are still not concrete.

If purchasing one for your brokerage isn’t feasible, you can always hire someone to shoot the listing video for you. Aerial541, based out of Montreal and Miami, “specializes in providing real estate photography for industry professionals.” They charge $99 and up for ground photography jobs and $199 and up for aerial photo and video jobs. All in all, the costs to hire a pilot will depend on location, size of the home, and hours needed for shooting.

So, whether you want to take marketing for a listing to the next level or impress your luxury clients with cutting edge technology, try using quadcopters for real estate videos and take your real estate business to new heights!

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