Top Tips for Listing Photos

  • Small rooms such as bathrooms can be photographed with a wide angle lens.
  • Take exterior photos with an angle to show the depth of a home. A picture taken from straight ahead looks very two-dimensional.
  • Invest in good equipment. A cell phone camera won’t cut it. Anything five megapixels or higher is effective and usually still affordable. Also, a tripod will work wonders for fixing crooked or blurry pics.
  • Use as much natural light as possible. Flash should just be a back-up option.
  • Home staging should be done before you start taking photos.
  • The best angles for photographs will usually be from the door or entrance of a room, as it gives you the most complete view.
  • Try to take exterior shots when the sun is behind the photographer. Do not take interior pictures at night. They look creepy. Don’t even try.
  • It’s okay to use Photoshop or similar software to enhance the photos. Just be aware that if you mislead the customers, they will be turned off when they see the property in person.


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