Why not make your life easier and your business more efficient by using some awesome real estate tools on and offline? From getting organized to getting noticed, these tools can help boost your visibility while making your daily business operations run smoothly and efficiently. Listed in no particular order, here are our Top 55 real estate tools for agents.

55 Tools for Realtors

1. Google Drive

Google Drive provides could storage online where you can upload and download documents, templates, listing presentations, and much more. Google Drive also allows you to share your files and collaborate with others. The first 15 gigs are free, so you might as well give it a go.

2. Dropbox

Much like Google Drive, Dropbox is another online storage service. Upload and download files, create shared folders, and view your files from computers, tablets, or phones. Dropbox offers two gigs for free and charges $9.99 per user per month for 100 gigs.

3. CloudOn

Similar to iCloud and JustCloud, CloudOn is a multi-purpose app that allows you to upload, create, review, rename, edit, delete and manage documents. Many of these cloud hosting sites are free and make sending and safekeeping files incredibly easy.

4. Evernote

via Evernote

via Evernote

Evernote provides a cloud for collecting and organizing digital content. The app allows you to sync files, images and more on every device and computer you use, save favorite web pages, research and collect information from the web, and share notes with colleagues and potential clients. Evernote is free to download, but also offers a premium package for $5 a month or $45 a year, and a business plan for $10 a month.

5. Carbonite

Carbonite automatically backs up all of your files while connected to the internet. This includes client records, invoices, contacts, marketing materials, etc. Carbonite offers a secure, easy-to-use cloud backup service with data protection and recovery. Carbonite offers 15 days of unlimited backup space for one computer for free.

6. Invoicera

Invoicera helps agents with their electronic invoicing issues, allowing users to send invoices with brand logos, accept payments online, and stay on top of invoicing deadlines. It also offers multiple payment gateways, multi-language and currency support, and data safety. Invoicera ranges from $19.95 to $99.95 a month depending on the amount of clients you have and the amount of storage you need.

7. Google Voice

Stop using your personal cell phone number for work. Sign up for a free Google Voice number and pick a phone number with any area code, set up an online voicemail, and have calls and texts forwarded to any phone you want. Google Voice is free when making calls from the U.S. and Canada, although international rates apply.

8. Open Home Pro

Open Home Pro encourages Realtors to “leave the pen and paper at home” and use their iPad app instead. The app allows you to keep track of everyone who attends your open house without having to decipher anyone’s handwriting. Open Home Pro has fields asking if prospective buyers have agents, are pre-approved for a mortgage, as well as fields for contact information and notes. Open Home Pro costs $14.99 at the iTunes store.

9. Open House Manager

Like Open Home Pro, Open House Manager helps manage open houses and follow up with potential buyers who sign in on your iPad. Captured contact information can be synced with other devices through the Cloud, you can create and e-mail a report to the sellers, and follow up with buyers through an e-mail containing a brief survey. Open House Manager costs $4.99 at the iTunes store.

10. Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder is a free app that’s available for both Android and iOS devices. This app helps you find a wi-fi connection wherever you are, and will especially come in handy for those who rely on a tablet to do business while out in the field.

11. Magic Plan

MagicPlan measures rooms and draws a floor plan just by taking pictures. After taking photos of a room’s corners, a floor plan which you can fine tune is automatically generated. You can then receive your floor plan in JPG, PDF or DXF format or publish an interactive floor plan on the web. This is a great app for real estate marketing materials and is free to download, but charges $2.99 per floor plan file and also offers package deals.

12. SketchUp

SketchUp allows you to generate and present 3D models. Start by drawing the shapes and lines of a home, pull them into 3D forms, then find 3D models of furniture to place in your model. Lastly, turn models into drawings with LayOut, allowing you to choose scale, adjust line weights, and export files as PDF, images or CAD files. You can download a free trial of SketchUp or go Pro for $590.

13. 1Password

The 1Password app helps you keep all of your passwords and credit card information in one secure place. All you have to do is remember one master password and the app will take care of the rest. The designers of the app use very advanced encryption technology so that all of your information is completely safe. 1Password costs $17.99 on the iTunes store.

14. GoMo

GoMo, short for Go Mobile, is a free Google service that verifies if your site is mobile-friendly. Being mobile-friendly means more exposure and more clientele, especially since mobile traffic is predicted to overtake desktop internet traffic this year. According to Google’s GoMo page, “67 percent of mobile users say that when they visit a mobile-friendly site, they’re more likely to buy a site’s product or service.”

15. The Paperless Agent

The Paperless Agent helps real estate professionals go mobile and paperless, offering technology coaching, Evernote and iPad training, and a digital listing presentation package. The Paperless Agent service costs $197.

16. DocuSign

DocuSign and DocuSign Ink can also help you go paperless. This service provides a fast and secure way to sign, send, and store documents in the cloud. Whether you need to close a sales contract, buy a home or approve a project estimate, DocuSign can get it done. The service has also recently acquired Cartavi, a web-based software that allows you to securely share documents with everyone involved in the process of buying or selling residential real estate using a computer or mobile device. DocuSign costs $10 a month for individual use, $20 for Realtors Plus professional use (1-10 users), and $30 and up for brokerages with more than 10 agents.

17. Moo

Moo is a site where you can buy unique business cards. Setting yourself apart as an agent lies in the details, and business cards are one of them. Moo offers regular, luxe, gloss, green, rounded-corner, and mini business cards that range from $19.99 to $34.99 for 50 cards.

18. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free online calendar that syncs across all of your devices: phones, tablets and computers. Create multiple calendars within your calendar, including personal, work and editorial calendars, share specific calendars with certain people, and view other people’s public calendars.

19. Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar is a free app that helps you organize business meetings, to-do lists, open houses, and social events all in one place. The app can be integrated with Google Calendar, Google Maps, and Facebook events, and provide reminders, weather, time zone support and geotagging.

20. Google Maps

via Google Maps

via Google Maps

Create your own free custom real estate listing or community map with Google Maps. Using the “my custom maps” feature, create maps of sold properties, referral maps for fellow agents, and points of interest in your community for those moving to the area. After you’ve created a map, you can export it and/or embed it into your website or a blog post.

21. PropertyWare

PropertyWare not only provides solutions for property managers, but helps realtors supervise rental properties, syndicate listings, generate leads, process e-payments and manage bank-owned properties. You can sign up for a 15 day free trial on their site.

22. TruPlace

TruPlace is a service that helps you optimize your listings by creating virtual tours of properties. According to their website, listings sell 67 percent faster with an online home tour than those without. The service provides professional photography, image management, interactive floor plans, and next business day turnaround. Tour packages range from $199 to $289 per listing.

23. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free service that allows you to receive notifications every time your name, business name, or any topic of interest is mentioned online. For example, if you’re interested in receiving alerts about the area you farm, type in “homes for sale in [town name].” Google will then alert you anytime this is mentioned online.

24. HomeTrackr

HomeTrackr allows you to find hard-to-get information about homes. Similar to Carfax, the service provides you with critical information about the physical health of a home before showing it to clients. HomeTrackr produces reports of a home’s history of inspections, property damage, permits, insurance claims, and more. HomeTrackr is currently only available online, with a mobile app scheduled for release later this year. Prices are still to be determined, as the program is still in beta.

25. Bump

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to share files, photos, and other documents with the help of a cloud based service, check out Bump. A free app, Bump allows users to import files from their computers to their phones and vice-versa. You can even “bump” phones together to share files! Take photos of listings and bump your phone with that of your client to share them instantly!

26. HeyTell

HeyTell allows you to record short, concise messages for when you can’t spend an hour on the phone with clients, brokers or your assistant. The app allows you to even send a quick message to an entire group, like your buyers and their lender. HeyTell is free to download, but carrier fees may apply for this walkie-talkie like service.

27. Expensify

Expensify can help you keep track of all your receipts and transactions made on your debit or credit cards. This can come in handy, especially when you’re on a business trip or getting ready to file taxes. The service is free for individual use and also offers company plans ranging from $5 to $10 a month.


Need help creating visual content for your website? provides a team of “story tellers, number crunchers, designers and animators” to create infographics, videos, presentations, and interactive graphics. This visual content can draw visitors and leads to your website. The pricing depends on the project, so message the team with your needs to see what it will cost you.

29. Vine

Vine is a free service and app that will make it easy for you to do a quick video listing and share it immediately to all of your followers across a number of social media platforms. The looping, six second time limit is a bit of a crunch, but think of it as a “teaser” for prospective home buyers.

30. Slydial

Slydial is a free voice messaging service that allows you to connect directly to someone’s mobile voice mail. This is perfect for when you don’t have time to chat or don’t want to bother someone and simply want to leave a voice mail. The recipient’s phone won’t ring and they’ll be alerted to your voice mail a minute or so after you leave a message.

31. Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print allows you to connect your printer to the web and print from your phone, tablet, computer, and any other web-connected device. Print from different apps or download the free Cloud Print app directly to print with ease. Cloud Print also allows you to securely share your printer, functioning much like a fax machine.

32. Pheed

via Pheed

via Pheed

Pheed is a combination of some of the most popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Vine, all rolled into one. This makes social sharing on the go easier and more efficient. Take videos and photos of listings, and even live broadcast a brand new listing to your subscribers for free!

33. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

Trying to help prospective buyers understand the cost of a mortgage and the value of a home? Karl’s Mortgage Calculator is a free site that offers a visual, sophisticated analysis of investments and loans. This gives buyers an idea of what they’ll be paying and allows for confidence in their purchases.

34. Mortgage Calculator

The Mortgage Calculator app can be used to calculate monthly mortgage payments and amortization, and includes a debt-to-income ratio and monthly expenses calculator. Download the app for free or pay 99¢ for the pro edition.

35. Real Estate Analysis

Investors require financial information about properties, such as the net value or rate of return. Real Estate Analysis is free investment software that analyzes property data you enter into the system. You can generate a report with graphs and charts, upload images of properties to customize the report, and share it with clients via e-mail.

36. CardMunch by LinkedIn

CardMunch is a free iPhone app that makes the rolodex obsolete. CardMunch allows you to take photos of business cards and send them to the app’s tech support where someone manually types in the contact information listed on the card and stores it in the “CardFlow Mobile Rolodex.” Within 24 hours, all of that information is saved and accessible.

37. CamScanner

CamScanner converts your phone’s camera into a portable scanner for copying documents, receipts, and notes. Once scanned, the information can be saved as a PDF and shared or saved in the cloud. Similar to CardMunch, there’s a CamCard option that reads the information on a business card and saves it in your phone’s address book. The Basic package is free, but a Premium package will cost you $4.99 a month or $49.99 for a year.

38. Document Scanner

Like CamScanner, the Document Scanner app enables you to scan documents with your Android mobile phone’s camera and convert them into PDF files. E-mail the files to clients or peers from your phone or share them via Google Docs or Dropbox. Since the app doesn’t collect or send any private information, sensitive documents remain safe. Document Scanner costs $3.98.

39. SlideRocket

SlideRocket is a presentation platform that lets you transform boring PowerPoint presentations into engaging conversations. Import existing presentations and use the software to be able to track your slides, use tools to make them more interactive, and find out which slides users like most. A free version is available, the Pro version is $24 a month, and the Enterprise package is $360 a year.

40. Keynote

Keynote allows users to create, deliver and share presentations on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. This app features animated charts, features and transitions that you can customize with a tap or a touch. Perfect for on-the-go listing presentations, this app costs $9.99 at the iTunes store.

41. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a presentation software the makes “telling your story simple, beautiful, and fun.” Download Haiku Deck on your iPad or online, create a presentation, change themes, add images, and share socially, on your website, or via email. Haiku Deck is a free app with additional themes and images available for purchase on the iPad.

42. Prezi

Prezi is a zooming presentation editor that allows you to capture your audience, collaborate with others, display information online and offline, and import images, videos, PDFs and more. Since Prezi is Cloud based, you can use it to present from your desktop, browser, iPhone, or iPad. Prezi is free if you’re okay with all of your presentations being public, and will cost you $4.92 a month to make them private. Go pro for $13.25 a month or get Prezi for your team with pricing based on volume.

43. Tools for Real Estate

Yes, this website is actually called Tools For Real Estate. This site offers a customizable real estate newsletter that is sent out to your contacts monthly. You can do a risk-free one month trial, or sign up for a plan ranging from $39 to $77 per month depending on how many e-mail addresses you input.

44. IXACT Contact

IXACT Contact is an e-mail marketing platform that sends out customized e-mail templates and monthly e-newsletters written by real estate marketing experts to the clients in your funnel. The system allows you to track each click, upload data, and sync with your smart phone. IXACT Contact offers seasoned agents a free five-week trial, new agents six months for free, monthly plans for $34.95, and an annual plan for $377.46.

45. Happy Grasshopper

HappyGrasshopper helps you build online relationships by sending timely and clever short e-mail messages to your contacts. Upload the names and e-mail addresses of your contacts, past clients, and prospects, and Happy Grasshopper’s team creates messages for you to edit and approve. The service also creates an e-signature that encourages contacts to get in touch with you. You can try out their service for free for 14 days, or choose a plan, ranging from $19 to $199 a month, depending on the number of contacts in your system.

46. Campaigner

Campaigner is another e-newsletter marketing campaign manager that helps you stay in contact with clients. Campaigner enables you to share your expertise, promote listings, and advertise open houses with more than 500 templates that can be personalized. Target groups based on their buying and selling preferences and add your client’s name to the e-mail for a personal touch. Campaigner offers a trial period and packages that range from $10 to $55 a month.

47. HomeSnap

HomeSnap allows you to retrieve property information in the field in a snap! Take a picture of a home for sale with your smart phone and the service will match the image and GPS location to display data from your local MLS. Each home you photograph will appear on your online HomeSnap profile, giving you more exposure. Furthermore, any buyer inquiries are sent directly to you. The HomeSnap app is free to download.

48. LogMeIn

via LogMeIn

via LogMeIn

LogMeIn lets you access your work and home computers and control them remotely, including editing files and running applications. A Pro account, meant for individuals and small businesses alike, allows you to stay productive even when away from your desk. You can try it for free, or buy a package ranging from $99 to $449 a year.

49. The Agent Alarm

You can never be too safe. The Agent Alarm is a security app that provides you with a system to keep others informed of your status and location. Input your open house location, how long you expect to be there, and whom to contact in case of emergency. The Safety Check feature will check in with you at preset intervals and set off an emergency alert if necessary. You can download the app for $2.99.

50. HootSuite

HootSuite provides the tools for managing your social networking activities through one interface and is compatible with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare and more. Hootsuite Pro extends the service to mobile devices so you can stay on top of social networking and marketing anytime, anywhere. Hootsuite is free for individuals, Hootsuite Pro, for 1-10 social media users, is $8.99 a month after a 30 day free trial, and Hootsuite Enterprise, for over 10 users, offers a free demo.

51. Buffer

Similar to Hootsuite, Buffer is a social media publishing and scheduling interface that also keeps track of analytics and offers suggestions for posts. Check which posts are doing the best and export your data to share with team members. The regular Buffer plan starts at $102 a year.

52. ThankYouPro

ThankYouPro’s iPhone and iPad app enables you to send a preset or custom-designed thank you card through first-class mail. Cards will arrive with a first-class stamp and your return address, and can even feature your handwriting through a printing process that makes them look and feel handwritten. The first card is free, after that, cards go for $2.99 or less.

53. Snapseed

Snapseed is a fun way to enhance your photos. Download the free app, upload listing photos, and straighten, crop, focus, frame and add filters to them. Snapseed offers more enhancement tools than Instagram, you can upload your altered photos to any social platform, and you can send photos to clients via email.

54. Skitch

Skitch is a free Evernote product that lets you edit, mark up and share photos, screenshots, maps and more. Want to tell clients how they can amp up their curb appeal? Take a photo of their front yard, circle areas that can be improved, and draw arrows to show where objects or flowers should go.

55. PicMonkey

via PicMonkey

via PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a free service you can use to edit photos, use graphic design features, and create collages. This is a great service to use to draw people to your website or blog from Pinterest or Google+. Make photos fun and watch the referral traffic pour in!

There are a ton of real estate tools for agents out there, so make sure to check out a few and see how they change the way you do business. Who knows, maybe you’ll come across an app or service that makes you more productive and saves you time!

Are there any apps you can’t live without that we missed? Please add to our list in the comments section below.


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