Real Estate Agent Safety Tips

1. Careful with Personal Info

Don’t advertise your home address. Consider a Google Voice phone number to separate work calls on your personal cell.

2. Verify Customer Information

Ask for identification, address, and references from people before a showing. Require a signature and phone number even at Open Houses.

3. Enlist a Coworker

Whenever possible, have someone from your office join you for private showings.

4. Announce Your Showings

If you can’t have someone tag along, make sure at least a couple people know your location and expected return time before a showing.

5. Scout Locations Early

Check out neighborhoods before you meet someone there to ensure you are familiar with the area. You don’t want to rely on a faulty GPS.

6. Keep Phone in Hand

Keep your phone in hand during private showings with an emergency contact on speed dial.

7. Keep Customer in Sight

Walk behind clients. It lets them feel ownership over the potential buy and allows you to keep a safe distance.

8. Pay Attention to Exits

Know where the exits to the house and neighborhood are. Keep doors unlocked during showings.

9. Take a Self Defense Class

Go the extra mile by taking a class that will prepare you for any potential danger.

10. Trust Your Gut

If you’re uneasy about a situation, see your way out of it. Don’t worry about upsetting the customer.


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