remind your clients that you're there for them

Jim Anderson of Realty Executives based in Fort Collins, Colorado recently reached out to his customer service representative to share his latest success story with us.

After signing up with HouseHunt in May of this year, Jim has had about a dozen closings, including one that came from a HouseHunt lead. Our effective training classes and webinars have played a big role as to why he has experienced so much success this far into the year.

HouseHunt’s Customer Service department and Sales team have always stressed the importance of following up with a lead right away, and it is this bit of valuable advice that Jim has taken quite seriously.

Remind Your Clients that You’re There for ThemOnce he receives a lead, Jim immediately contacts his future client by letting him/her know that he is available to assist them whenever they are ready. He is never pushy, as he understands that so long as he keeps in constant contact with his leads, they in turn will come to him when they’re ready to take the next step.

Jim currently owns the Fort Collins, CO and Wellington, CO territories where he specializes in various types of real estate. His most recent closing was a single-family residence that closed at $475,000.

Like many of our member agents, Jim truly loves his job. When asked about any closings that stood out to him, he said that he simply enjoys helping families move into their first home and watching their children’s eyes light up as they realize that this will be the place that their family will call “home” for a good part of their lives. Helping others achieve the ultimate goal of homeownership is something that Jim has realized he was always meant to do.

Jim, everyone here at HouseHunt is honored that you have allowed us to share in your passion of helping others achieve the American Dream of homeownership. Congratulations on your success!

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