Realtor Tube – A Look at How Real Estate Professionals Utilize Internet Video

Video Significance

73% of home-buyers say that Internet videos influence various decisions along the process, including decisions about homes, brokerages, Realtors, etc.

Only 12% of real estate professionals have a YouTube account. And this is actually a higher percentage than most small businesses.

16% of home shoppers will view real estate related video content from a mobile device, such as a cell phone or tablet. Usually this will be while performing some other task, such as watching TV or waiting in line. This emphasizes why the content should be engaging.

Video content has a 43% higher click-through rate than other kinds of posts. These posts are also ranked higher by Google.

Content Viewers Want

86% of consumers use real estate video marketing to learn more about a community.

70% use real estate video marketing to tour the inside of a home.

38% seek to understand specific features of a home. 54% watch to obtain general information about the industry. 24% watch instructional videos. 44% research real estate companies through video. And 30% use real estate video marketing to watch customer testimonials.

YouTube Stats

The phrase “buying a home” currently produces 821,000 results on YouTube.

The phrase “how to find a real estate agent” produces 102,000 results.

The phrase “mortgage process” produces 106,000 results.

And the phrase “find a local realtor” produces 8,690 results on YouTube.

YouTube is the most common resource to find real estate videos, followed by brokerage websites.

Real estate related searches on YouTube have more than doubled in the last four years.



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