Real estate referrals help out both the agent making the referral and the one who actually works alongside the client. We’ve discussed all the Pros and Cons for Realtor Referrals before. This infographic has everything you need to know for successfully sharing business!

real estate referrals

How to Be Referred

Start with your online presence. If you practice solid social media and Internet marketing, even agents you’ve never met will feel connected to you. This is a good strategy for appealing to agents who are in other states. and similar agent services will connect you to agents in the precise area your client is trying to move to.

How to Find Referrals

Leverage networking events. Utilize conferences, broker previews, and any other real estate event to hobnob with people across town and across the country.

The most trusted referrals are the people you’ve worked with in the past and with whom you continue to have a great relationship.

Don’t know an agent where you’re trying to move a customer? Use the web to find who has the most presence and authority in any location.

Miscellaneous Tips for Successful Referrals

Be flexible with your split of the commission. This is a chance to share in profit, not compete with someone trying to help you out.

Be sure to get the broker signature before referring a client to make sure you get credit. Brokers provide Errors and Omissions Insurance.

In most states, the referring agent must be a fully licensed agent.

The referring agent does not have to disclose to the client that s/he made the referral.


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