Whether you’re a brand new agent or a seasoned vet, you can still benefit from real estate coaches. Here’s how they may boost YOUR business!


What Do They Offer?

Of real estate agents who use a coach…

72% us their coach for training in business strategies.

55% use a coach for advice on personal issues that affect business. These things may include disorganization, a lack of commitment, a habit to overbook oneself, etc.

72% use a coach for encouragement.

80% use a coach for accountability in work performance. This is the #1 reason people use a real estate coach.

40% use a coach for assistance with transaction problems. You’re never done learning!

77% use him/her for perspective on business activities. It’s always helpful to hear from someone who’s already been through the ringer!

Why Do They Matter?

68% of agents have a real estate coach. With a majority of your peers deciding coaching is important, shouldn’t you give it a try?

100% of agents with a coach see their business increase within the first year of hiring a coach. Re-read that if you need to. But not just that! A majority of those agents see a business increase by over 25%. That’s a huge jump, and it’s all because you have someone in your corner.

85% of agents say their coach contributed to their number of listings, while 79% say their coach contributed to their number of buyers. When you have a coach, you boost your network.

How Are They Qualified?

Here are some of the qualities you NEED to have in your real estate coaches:

  • S/he is available to meet regularly.
  • S/he is a former or active industry professional.
  • S/he has a proven track record of success with past clients and with current market trends.
  • Must be good at calling out strengths AND weaknesses in the people coached. It’s important to stay professional no matter that topic.

Where Are They?

People find their real estate coaches through reliable networks. 70% go through a coaching company. Tom Ferry is the biggest real estate coaching network. Many people trust that company to set them up with a suitable coach. Meanwhile, 52% are referred to their coach by a colleague. That referred coach is often still from a professional company.

A majority (60%) of agents spend between $300-$500 per month on 1:1 coaching. This is a pretty penny, but is worth it when you know you can trust your coach to boost your business.

HouseHunt agents have free access to some of the best coaches int he industry. To learn more, and to see if your community is available, fill out the form on the right side of THIS webpage. You can also click here for more information!

Statistics come from Inman Select survey.


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