By Vicki Duong

Denise Bash of St. Johns, Florida recently contacted her sales and customer service representatives to share a truly positive story concerning an out-of-state lead she followed up with the weekend before:

out-of-state lead

I called a HouseHunt lead this past Friday. She was talking with two other agents but after our conversation she decided to work with me exclusively. The kicker is that she did not have time to come to Florida and look at homes.

I sent her homes within her criteria and we talked about her dogs, lifestyle and location. We found two homes that might work.

On Saturday, I previewed each property and found one that really looked promising. I took pictures of the dog park and surrounding areas.

The listing agent was also the selling agent. When I arrived to see the home, the seller told me that she already had two offers. After talking with my buyer, we decided to make an offer. I created a clever escalation clause and she got the house!

It is a little daunting knowing that she has never seen the house or even the area, but I am sure she will love it!


You never know what will happen once you reach out to that one lead, and in Denise’s case, it turned into a successful transaction built on solid communication and trust between the agent and client. Every lead is a valuable lead, and you should treat it accordingly. So reach out! Your next success story could turn out to be just like Denise’s.


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