By Jim Droz

Donna Varnum hit the ground running when she signed up with HouseHunt by turning the first lead she received into a sale.

“It was good timing, to say the least,” said Varnum, who works out of a RE/MAX office in Morristown, N.C., while concentrating on the college town of Chapel Hill. “He stated his interests and I told him I could help him out since he didn’t know his way around. I pointed out a house I thought he’d like, and he loved it. The rest is history.”

Varnum’s history in the real estate business spans a little more than three years, with only the past month being in the HouseHunt system. She has used other lead-generating services, but when she felt it was time for a change she did her research and talked to other Realtors and “HouseHunt kept coming up as a good company.”

She said HouseHunt’s marketing and e-mail system is good for her strategy of immediately calling leads to discuss their needs. She then narrows the search to better show homebuyers what they might like and makes an appointment to visit. Even though she had instant success with HouseHunt, she knows that’s not always the case.

“I don’t give up easily,” Varnum said. “These things can take time, but I make sure my name stays in front of prospective buyers.”

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