New Year's Cards

You’ve already done some fall promos and holiday business boosters, keeping you in front of your clients and poising yourself for a successful 2014. So why not go above and beyond with one last marketing push in 2013?

A great way to thank your clients for a great year and let them know you’ll be there for their real estate needs come 2014 is to send out Happy New Year cards.

Handwritten cards are a lost art in many industries, but real estate agents are, for the most part, keeping it alive in theirs. This is because real estate is about the relationship you maintain and nurture with your clients, and what better way to do this than to remind them of your continued appreciation this season.

In your card, reflect on a time you shared with your client this year, whether it’s from the home buying or selling process, or a fun memory from a client appreciation party or community event. You can even include a picture of yourself and the client in the card if you have one.

Also make sure to outline your wishes for them in the coming year. Write that you hope they continue to enjoy their new home and community and/or you’re looking forward to working with them again in 2014.

This small but significant gesture will not go unnoticed. A beautiful, handwritten New Year’s card—not lumped together with all the other Christmas cards—will make you stand out from the pack. Your clients will appreciate your thoughtfulness as the year gets ready to turn, and you’ll be poised and ready to take on 2014.


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