By Jim Droz

At the peak of his career, Jim Droz was the top selling agent in the world, closing nearly 300 transactions and making $1,000,000 annually. He is now a premier presenter on the real estate conference circuit, imparting what he’s learned over the years. He is a strong advocate for the HouseHunt lead generation and nurturing system, and today he’s given HouseHunt an exclusive presentation about what agents should be doing for the holiday season: The Ultimate Holiday Gift 2013.

The real estate market is always slow as the calendar year comes to a close, so most agents view this time as a sort of vacation. By the middle of January, however, the market is thriving again and those who were lazy during the holidays must work harder to catch up.

Repetition in marketing generates brand recognition when buyers and sellers become active again in January. And brand recognition means more income for you!

Ultimate Holiday Gift 2013


This 6-minute presentation covers:

  • When to begin the production phase for 2014
  • How to build personal brand recognition
  • Creative ways to market your brand in October, November, and December
  • How to utilize the HouseHunt marketing systems to jump-start success
  • Increasing your annual income through continuous yearly marketing efforts
  • How to balance holiday work efforts with a family-oriented season
  • Cost efficiency for your year-end marketing
  • Maintaining relationships with previous clients

So grab some popcorn, take some notes, and begin planning ways to leverage what’s left of 2013. We here at HouseHunt look forward to helping make 2014 the most successful fiscal year of your career.

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