By Edward Hurley

Instagram is more than just a fun social media app used for looking at funny and interesting pictures your friends take. It’s also about marketing and sharing useful images of products and services by major companies. As a user of the site, you can take pictures of whatever you’d like. So why not use Instagram as a way for you to get the homes you have listed in the public’s eye for anyone who may be interested?

Instagram Listings

Instagram Audience

Instagram first showed up in 2010 and was purchased by Facebook in 2012. Its users have grown rapidly over its first few years, and it now has over 300 million monthly users. All different types of people use Instagram, but it has quickly become the most popular social media site used by young people. With all those eyes looking at different images and videos, it’s no wonder this app is a great way to get the word out about a particular product or service, which is why it’s so great for homes for sale.

Instagram Listings

Instagram Listing Photos

If you create an Instagram account specifically for your business, you will be able to take great photos of the home(s) you have for sale. All you have to do is download the app, add followers (friends) by either requesting them through your phone contacts or Facebook, and you’re ready to start posting pictures of your listings. All you have to do is snap pictures of the home with your phone’s camera. Then click upload, and everyone is able to see the listing photos you’ve taken.

Listing Photo

Instagram Listing Videos

The videos on Instagram are an awesome way for you to create videos of a home. Think of it as a digital walkthrough. All you have to do is record different rooms of the home. You can even narrate the rooms as you walk through them and show off all their great features!


If you are not sure what hashtags are actually for, you may want to research them. They are not just snappy catchphrases used to add emphasis to a post. They are meant for categorizing a post to be put into a list of more posts that are similar in terms of style, location, people, event, topic, or interest. A great way to understand this is by searching a hashtag like #homeforsale. If you searched this hashtag on a social media platform, you will surely find thousands of homes for sale throughout the world.

A better way to use a hashtag is to be very specific. A good example would be #homeforsale + in city name and state. A proper hashtag would then look like #homeforsaleinPhoenixAZ. Your image of a home for sale in your territory is now visible for all those interested in homes in that specific neighborhood or area. You should remember to use a few hashtags for each listing post. Three or more different hashtags will help people interested in your territory find a home they want to buy.

Instagram Listing

There are many real estate agents and companies who use Instagram well to sell their listings. It’s a good idea to include the price of the listings in the photo descriptions as well as tagging the home’s location. You should also include your name and contact information in your bio section on your Instagram profile. This way, anyone who sees your Instagram listing photos will be able to contact you whenever they’re interested in buying a home with you and your clients!

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