Few things are as intimidating as the blank page. Maybe your skills have more to do with salesmanship and negotiation than with a pen and pad. For the next time you have to write real estate listing copy, here are some tips from to make your MLS listings stand out. You can also check out former graphics for more information on which words to use and which to avoid.

real estate listing copy

Be Specific

Today’s buyers know what they’re looking for, so include as many details as you can for every listing. This can even mean using brand names to describe appliances. The names that most quickly move real estate include Sub-Zero, Viking, Bosch, and Whirlpool.

Tell a Story

Don’t just say the house has a patio. Say it has a large patio, perfect for entertaining guests at a summer cookout!

Think Local

Include details about the town such as proximity to attractions, nearby dining, etc.

Use What Works

Ask former buyers what appealed to them in the listing description for the home they chose. Phrases like “motivated seller” actually slow sale by about 10%. Meanwhile, certain words, including “landscaping,” “beautiful,” and “gorgeous” move real estate off the market 15% faster.


Read what you’ve written out loud. Does it say what you want it to say? Be sure to check for spelling and grammar. Keep an eye out for overused listing words like “stunning,” “contemporary,” and “immaculate.”


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