Have you seen any of these graphics on our site lately?

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They’ve gotten more pins and likes than plain images on Pinterest, more interaction on Facebook and Google+, and they look cute to boot!

So, how can you alter lack-luster photos to make them more eye-catching to users, generating more traffic to your website? Enter PicMonkey.

I wrote about PicMonkey briefly in “Top 55 Real Estate Tools for Agents” but think that it’s so beneficial it deserves its own article. So, here’s how to use PicMonkey to drive traffic to your site.

First of all, PicMonkey is a free, online photo editing tool that allows you to edit, touch up, design, and create collages with images. You can touch up photos you’ve taken yourself or glam up photos from services like Shutterstock, iStock, or Getty Images.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to alter and add text to a plain ol’ stock photo to transform it into something people want to share!

Step 1: Upload a Photo to PicMonkey

Head on over to PicMonkey and select “Edit,” then select which photo you would like to alter. Your first options (accessible when you hit the crop symbol) will be to crop, rotate, change the exposure, etc. Use these features as needed.

step 1

Step 2: Play with Different Features

Check out the effects feature (accessible when you hit the wand symbol) to change the feel of your photo, hit the lipstick symbol to touch up photos with people in it, use the text feature to add text (more on that in a bit), the butterfly to add an overlay, the frame symbol to add a frame, the crosshatch to add texture, and the apple to use a premade theme.

side bar

Step 3: Add Text

It’s a great idea to use photos to promote your written content. Therefore, the text feature is crucial in order to let others know what content the picture links to. After you choose a font, color, and size, you can add a banner or box to make the text stand out (these can be found under the overlays or butterfly tool).

picmonkey add box

You may notice that some of the fonts and other features have little crowns next to them; this means that they are only available to Royale customers—in other words, you have to pay for them.

Step 4: Add Your Logo

If you want to use your personal or your brokerage’s logo, you can upload it under the overlays feature. Select “Your Own” at the top and choose which photo you would like to import. Size the logo and place it where desired (we like it in the bottom right corner).

Step 5: Finish Up!

Add any final touches you’d like (I added a drop shadow frame), then hit save. You can choose to save your masterpiece to your computer or Dropbox in three different sizes/qualities.

Here’s what our picture looked like before:

simple design

And here’s our finished product!

picmonkey article example

Pretty simple, right? And the best part is it’s all for free! You can also make collages like this:

save money

Simply play around and see what style fits the feel of your blog and content best.

We hope to see your PicMonkey creations around, and that you reap the benefits of increased traffic to your site!


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