By Edward Hurley

As a real estate agent, you know how to find leads and make sales. However, some of you may have turned to lead generation sites to help you grow your sales. For a lead gen service to REALLY make a difference, however, you need to have systems in place to follow-up with and convert your leads. As a real estate agent, you’re always going to need a plan and you must stick to it to be successful when working with lead generation sites.

Lead Generation Sites

The Successful Agent

This type of agent understands that a lead generation site is the starting place for the work involved. They are willing to contact leads quickly and sell themselves as professional agents before they attempt to help clients buy a home. The successful agent understands that 95% of lead conversions happen 120 days or more after receiving the lead.

A good agent knows that if a lead trusts them, they are going to talk about buying a home with them as their agent. They know that before they can sell a home, they need to sell themselves. This builds trust, and in turn builds business.

Lead Generation Sites

The Unsuccessful Agent

This type of agent wants every lead to be ready to buy a home the second they call them. The truth is that lots of leads are simply not ready to buy a home the moment that they fill out a lead form. They are still in the looking process. Most leads are still 6-9 months away from actually making a purchase. That means that just because you have a promising lead, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to commit with you as their agent and buy a home the following day.

Lead Generation Sites

The unsuccessful agent sees this happen, and they simply give up on that lead and move on to the next one. This is why this type of agent is selling very few homes a year and not making a competitive income selling real estate. They are not able to see the potential and possibilities that come with a little bit of work, which is why this agent will not be successful with lead generation sites.

What Can You Do?

An agent with no conversion strategy will grow frustrated with their lead generation service. This may make them want to cancel the company’s services. This couldn’t be a worse idea. If they only knew the good that would come from a little bit of patience and work.

Instead of getting angry about the lack of leads, or leads you believe are not good enough for you to work with, you should come up with an action plan. Your action plan will guide you to getting leads to work with you and be the agent who helps them buy a home.

The Plan

What is your plan? You may have one already set up that works very well for you. However, you may have a plan that you only follow occasionally and are not successful with your leads generated. If you’re not sticking to your plan, then why not try something new?

Bruce LaMaster, an incredibly successful and long-time HouseHunt agent, has a plan and sticks to it. Take a look below to see how he implements calls and emails from him personally as well as his team members to contact new leads.

Lead Generation Sites

No matter how successful Bruce is, he still understands the importance of the contacting phase and not giving up. Even if a consumer does not answer their phone the first few times, Bruce and his team will continue to strive to touch base with this lead. His tireless efforts are what have brought him such great success in the real estate world. Take a look below for more great tips to follow with contacting leads.

  • Whenever you receive a lead generated, call that lead within the first 30 minutes. 48% of consumers expect a call within the first 15 minutes of filling out a lead form; 89% expect a call within the first 30 minutes. Do not wait longer than that to touch base with this person because they are most likely going to hear from multiple agents a day or two later. This means that if you wait, you’re not going to be their agent. There are text services that you can use to notify you when a lead is generated so that you can be the first to contact them.
  • Call consistently. Since 97% of people will not reply to a phone number that they don’t recognize without a voicemail, it usually takes about eight calls to get a hold of a client you’ve never spoke to before. Even if they do not answer their phone, leave a detailed message explaining who you are and your intentions to help them buy a home.
  • If they give you an email address, add their information to your pipeline and send them newsletters.
  • Show them you’re a professional real estate agent, and you know what it takes to sell their home with all of the knowledge you have about real estate.
  • Once they are ready to make an offer on a home that they like, they will tell you. You will then be in the position to help them buy the home because they want you to represent them as their real estate agent since you have been there for them since the beginning.

If you have a plan, and stick to it, you’re bound to hear back from lots of leads who want you to represent them as their agent.

Bruce says that lead follow up is not a drip campaign . . . it’s a flood campaign. What he means is that you should not expect leads to go with you after one or two small instances of getting into contact with them. You must consistently contact them and reaffirm their goals to buy a home with you as their agent. This way, you will show them your consistency, professionalism, and willingness to represent them as their agent.

If you do have a plan of action with contacting and following up with leads, and you stick to it, you will see your leads come to you first with uncertainty, but you will eventually be able to turn them into motivated clients who will hire you as their real estate agent and have you help them buy that perfect home they’ve always dreamed about.

Lead Generation Sites

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