By Edward Hurley

Since everyone uses social media nowadays, it is likely the best way to reach out to your current and future clients. Postling stated that 84% of real estate agents are using Facebook. Because so many agents use Facebook, you need to be able to differentiate your posts as a Realtor. Here are some great tips on what you can do.

Facebook Real Estate

Post Great Content

Your audience is made up of friends, family, and past/current/future clients. That means you have to post great content to keep them interested in your Facebook presence and trust you as a real estate professional. Content that you should post revolves around blogs you wrote, pictures or videos you filmed of listings, or interesting quotes or articles you find online.

Great content to post can range from major topics like real estate market trends to new housing laws. However, content sent out to your audience should also be highly targeted to the community you farm in, which means sharing information about local community events and information regarding the town you’re farming. This way, you’re audience will go to your page as a source for information regarding not only homes for sale in their area, but as a page to find out information relevant to the town they live in.

Facebook Real Estate

Posting images generates 53% more likes than any other type of post. Posting videos also gains lots of engagement rather than just sharing text posts. Pictures or a video showing the entirety of a home for sale would be the right type of post to get your clients interested in a new listing.

The better the content means the more engagement and interest you’re going to receive from your colleagues and clients. So it’s best not to post anything you do not find interesting or believe your audience will not want to read or view.

Listing Posts

If you decide to post listings on your Facebook, be sure to space your listings posts with interesting content posts. This way, you’re not constantly inundating your audience with just listings you have for sale. You should post your listings by also tagging where they are located. Facebook allows you to map out where your picture was taken, so you can help everyone see exactly where the listing is located in the specific city and on the specific street.

Facebook Real Estate

A good idea for sharing homes you sold is to tag your clients you sold the home with. This way, if any clients want to know anything about the home, they can even ask your past clients about you and their new home.

Another great way to engage with new clients on Facebook is to add hashtags and ways to search keywords related to the homes, listings, or content you’re posting about. Use hashtags wisely—too many is never a good thing.

Pay for Ads

The great thing about making a Facebook page, and most other social media sites, is that it’s free, but its paid-ads feature is an amazing way for you to connect with new clients. The categories and search features that Facebook enables for its paid postings are amazing. You can post listings or content specifically targeted to audiences that fit certain criteria or lifestyles.

Facebook Real Estate

An example of this is that if you have a listing in a Boston, Massachusetts priced at $300,000, you can pay for an ad with Facebook to post your listing targeted at individuals who have an income high enough to afford the home and who also live in the Boston area. This way, you’re going to get lots of people calling you interested in buying your listing. Plus, the minimum is only $5 to post to targeted audiences, so there is no reason not to try!

Connect with New People

A great thing for you to do when you meet new people is ask them for their full name and if they are on Facebook. This may seem odd at first, but if you know where they’re from, and their first and last name, you’re likely going to be able to add them on Facebook. This way, you’ll meet new and add them on social media instead of always having to ask for their phone number if they may not want to give it out. You can also add your Facebook contact information on your business card alongside your email and phone number.

Facebook Real Estate

Facebook is one of the best ways to stay in touch with past clients and connect with new ones. It allows you to post interesting information and even sell yourself as a professional. If you use Facebook to promote your listings and yourself, you will very likely find buyers and new clients in a short time.

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