By Edward Hurley

Taking listing photos is one of the most important parts of selling a home. It is probably the most important part for people searching online. The better the listing photos—the more the home is going to stand out. Whenever a listing photo isn’t up to par, potential buyers lose interest and move on to looking at the next home. Since 90% of homebuyers start their searching online, this is why it is crucial to always take great listing photos. So let’s take a look at some listing photos from that look great and how you can learn from them.

Listing Photos

Exterior of Home:

Taking a photo of the front of a home is the most important photo when listing a home online. Here is a great example of a good exterior photo of homes. The camera is at a great spot where it’s able to see the entirety of the home. The entire view of the front of the home is shown, and the quality of the camera brings out all of the details of the home.

Listing Photo

Living Room/Bedrooms Rooms:

You need to stage the entire interior of the home as you take the listing photos. That means clean furniture, items, and tasteful decorations placed accordingly throughout the home to appear as though they are ready to be used. That does not mean keeping dusty, old, or used furniture or items out in the open. You may need to rent furniture or other items to help stage your listing if the furniture and items do not look great on camera.

Listing Photo

The best way to take pictures of bedrooms and the living room is to encompass the couches, beds, and items throughout the rooms. Make sure the beds are made, and the couch cushions are all in place. You never want to take listing photos of rooms that looked lived in. The rooms should be as clean and staged as possible.

Listing Photo


Kitchens must be cleaned. All pots and pans have to be where they’re supposed to be. Refrigerator and microwave doors should be closed. Countertops should be clear, and all food items should be put away. It is best to have newer appliances, but if your older appliances work and look great, then go ahead and include them in the photos.

Listing Photo


Bathrooms can be the most difficult to shoot because of the cramped the area you have to work with is. To get around this issue, simply take photos of the bathroom in sections. You can shoot photos of the sink and mirrors, and then take other pictures of the bathtub and/or shower.

Listing PhotoListing Photo

Back of Home:

The back of the home should be photographed like the front of the home. You should make sure there is no clutter in the backyard: trash, trash bins, toys, and any other noticeable items should be hidden out of sight. The grass should be mowed, and if there is a pool, it should be very clean and filled. When a pool is empty, it looks like it might need to be fixed even if it doesn’t.

Listing PhotoListing Photo











You should always take pictures with good lighting. That means using the windows to bring in lots of light, or you turn on the lights in whatever room you’re in. This way, you’ll have the light you need to get great color and see the entirety of the room.

Listing Photo

How to Shoot:

You can take great photos of your listing by getting as much of the room or home as possible within the frame. You should take listing photos by:

Standing in front of the door or entryway.

Using a tripod to hold the camera steady.

Taking above eye-level shots of the rooms or home.

Filling the entire frame with the interior.

Utilizing sunlight if the room has windows or working with your flash if you need to.

Use photo-editing programs after you upload the photos to your computer if you need to adjust the lighting or filter of the photos.

What Type of Camera to Use:

Try your best not to use your Smartphone as your camera. If, however, you have lots of features, apps, and tools you can use with your phone to enhance the image quality and/or take amazing panoramic shots, then use your phone for those characteristics.

The type of camera you buy is up to you. However, a camera with a megapixel of 20.0 resolution or higher has much better quality than a camera with less pixels. The costs for these quality cameras usually start around $50 and up, depending on where you buy it and what brand the camera is.

You don’t have to buy a $2,000 professional camera to take great listing photos. You can always hire a professional photographer for a flat fee to come shoot the entire home with their professional equipment, and they will then send the listing photos to you.

Listing Photo

Even if you are not selling million-dollar listings, you should still have great listing photos on your website. Do your best to take great listing photos, and you will see more clients interested in the homes you sell simply because of the great photos you take!

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