By Edward Hurley

Every agent gives a real estate presentation to sell themselves to new clients. If you’re trying to represent yourself in the best light in front of a seller, you should always highlight everything about you that makes you stand out as a real estate agent during the listing interview. You’re job at the real estate presentation is to be prepared, share your insight about their home, and help them understand why you’re the best possible agent for them to sell their home with. If you can do all of that during your real estate presentation, you are going to be able to put yourself in the position as being their real estate agent.

Real Estate Presentation

Be Prepared for the Real Estate Presentation

Never come to a client without being prepared. This is basically saying to your client that you will not be prepared for anything that you work on in the future. Be prepared by planning out what you’re going to discuss, have your slideshow or medium ready for the real estate presentation, and be ready to answer any questions that they may have for you. They are going to wonder if you are the best possible real estate agent for them, so you’d better give your clients good reasons as to like you.

Real Estate Presentation

Clarify the Seller’s Motivation

During your real estate presentation, you want to understand the seller as much as possible. You should clarify their intentions and motivations to sell their home during your presentation. They may want to sell their home to downsize, maybe to retire, or perhaps they want to buy a bigger home in a different neighborhood entirely. You want to identify what is most important to the seller to better determine how you’re going to sell their home and what they are looking to get out of it. Whatever their reasoning is, you need to understand their intentions to better prepare them for the sale.

Evaluate the Seller’s Knowledge

Discuss the home-selling process with the seller during the real estate presentation. Learn if they understand some or all of the steps that go into buying a home. Perhaps they are a novice and know very little about selling a home. Maybe they’ve already sold a home in the past so they know the entire process. Either way, it is your responsibility to evaluate their knowledge on selling their home and then move forward with them from there.

Real Estate Presentation

Share Your Knowledge

Share what you know about the housing industry, real estate, working with clients, and most importantly—their home. You want to let them know that you’ve been researching and learning about their home’s value by seeing what other homes in the area are valued at and have sold for. You want the sellers to see that you’ve done your homework; this will show them that you’re the right real estate agent who has the capability, know how, and experience to sell their home efficiently.

Closing the Real Estate Presentation

Close your real estate presentation by gathering everything that you discussed with your client. See if they are ready to start selling. If they are ready to sell, then start sharing how you’re going to market their home. Discuss ideas that you can do with/for them: like ideas for the landscaping, preparing for an open house, and telling others online about their home. This way, the seller will be very impressed with you and be motivated enough to move forward with you in selling their home. In no time, you should be able to sell their home and get a great commission for yourself. So get out there and start making some great real estate presentations!

Real Estate Presentation

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