By Edward Hurley

You’ve been to some smelly homes. Everyone has. But as a real estate agent trying to sell a home during an open house, it is your job to freshen up the home, make sure it looks great, and smells wonderful! Lots of potential buyers are going to be there and do not want to be in a smelly home! So here are some awesome ways to make the home smell fresh again.

Smelly Home

Get Rid of Furniture

If it is the furniture that is causing most of the smell, either ask the owner to get rid of the items, or store them in a storage unit or the garage during the open house. This way, the furniture won’t smell up the home, and the guests won’t have to see it as well. If you’re left without a lot of furniture, you can rent furniture to stage the home properly.

Steam Clean the Carpets

Did you know that carpets are responsible for most of the smell in a home! Aside from furniture and animals, dirty carpets are home to lots of awful smells that can be gotten rid of by steam cleaning. A good steam cleaning may cost a little extra, but it is worth it to get the smells and even some stains out of the carpeting.

Vacuum the Carpets

smelly home

If you are short on time, the best thing that you can do is vacuum the carpet and use carpet-cleaner powders and sprays on odorous places or spots on the carpet; then vacuum those areas. Arm & Hammer, Bissell, and Febreze all make great carpet cleaning products to help you get out the stains and smells in the carpet. This will help alleviate the smell if you do not have time to steam clean every carpet in the home.

Air Freshener Sprays

Air freshener sprays are a quick solution to minor odors, but they do not tend to last very long. Often times, these sprays simply mask the intense odors. They float in the air, and make the room smell good for a while, but the great smell tends to fade away. This usually leaves the odor in the smelly home taking over again.

Scented Candles

smelly home

Scented candles are an alternative to sprays. They may only mask the odor, but they will burn and last longer than an air freshener spray. Simply find your favorite scented candle, light the wick, and let the aroma fill the room with a fresh scent as long as it burns! If you want to preserve the scented candle between visits, simply put the wick out and light the candle 30 minutes prior to your next guests’ arrival.

Odor Eliminators

Odor eliminators are a great alternative to just masking the smell. Odor eliminators are able to eliminate odors chemically as they are dispersed into the air or onto the odorous areas. They will get rid of the odors without just masking them. Arm & Hammer and Febreze have lots of great odor eliminator sprays and products on the market.

Keep Windows Open

You should keep the windows open during your open houses if you have to sell a smelly home. If you keep the windows open, you will continue to have a breeze and fresh air enter the home. This will allow air to cycle throughout the home, and the guests will breathe much better.

Smelly Home

A smelly home is not just uninviting, but it’s detrimental to your sale. The best thing for you to do is to get rid of the odors as best as you can. As long as you find a solution to the bad odor, you should be able to get lots of clients interested in the property during your open house.

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