Working with an indecisive client can be incredibly frustrating. Sometimes it may feel as though s/he isn’t listening to your expert advice, or maybe s/he simply doesn’t know what s/he wants. Here are five roles to assume in order to place, inform, listen, mediate and encourage your client to make a decision! After all, knowing how to deal with an indecisive home buyer can be the difference between closing a deal and losing one.


Be the Judge

When beginning to work with a new client, it’s important to find out exactly where in the home buying process they’re at. Do they have a few neighborhoods they’d like to purchase in? Have they made a list of the necessary features and desired amenities they’d like in their ideal home? It’s important to gauge the decisiveness of your client(s) at this stage in order to prepare yourself for other roles you may need to assume as the process moves forward.


Be the Teacher

Make sure that your clients are informed. A lot of indecision can stem from lack of information or even misinformation, so make sure to clear up any confusion. Knowledge is power, so it’s important to empower your buyer clients as much as possible. Ultimately, their empowerment will translate into decisiveness when it comes time to take the next step.

Be the Confidant


Listen, listen, listen! The best way to find out what your clients want in a home is to open your ears. If you’re working with more than one person, like a couple, find out more than what they want as a unit. Approach each client individually and find out what aspects of a home they find more important than others so that you can cater to their specific as well as their mutual needs.

Be the Mediator


The role of mediator comes into play if you’re working with more than one buyer client, especially a male-female couple. A recent Consumer Outlook Survey revealed the differences between male and female home buyers, highlighting their responsibilities, favorite activities and disagreements during the home buying process. The findings placed the realtor as “couples’ therapist,” someone to balance both clients’ objectives. In fact, 83 percent of consumer respondents said that their real estate agent was helpful in forming an agreement between themselves and their partner.

Be the Cheerleader


Once your clients are informed, in agreement and ready to make that crucial decision, it’s time to play cheerleader. Support and encourage them as they discuss contingencies and start to write an offer. Continue to assume other roles as necessary, but make sure you are positive and encouraging overall. Convey your approval of their informed decision and exude excitement! This is an incredibly important and exciting time of your clients’ lives!

Although it may be difficult to assume multiple roles and personalities (we can’t all be Sybil), in the end, real estate agents are the jack-of-all-trades in today’s society, especially when dealing with people. By judging, teaching, listening, mediating and encouraging your buyer clients, you’ll be able to curtail indecision at the source. If indecision does raise its ugly head, you’ll know how to deal with it gracefully and professionally.


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