A lot of your customers wonder how to find a realtor, so we take a look at the most common ways for clients to find you. Seeing what effectively drives business in real estate will help you better plan your marketing and outreach budgets.



Before we look at the methods people use to find their real estate agent, let’s look at the most important factors they’re considering when making the choice. The top desirable quality in an agent is the reputation of an agent and their honesty and trustworthiness. These two qualities are each ranked as the most important factor by 23% of consumers. 15% want to use a personal friend or family member, even though that is often a bad idea. 13% want somebody who is a community expert.

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with buyers or sellers, first-timers or repeat customers, the most popular way for people to find their agent is through referrals. Repeat business is also an extremely important factor for sellers and repeat buyers.

The median rate for referral and repeat business for all Realtors is 21%. Naturally, the rate of referral and repeat business increases with every year in the business.

All information comes from the NAR 2014 Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers.

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