HomeTrackr is, according to the company’s website, “a revolutionary and simple way to access critical and hard to get information about your future home.” HomeTrackr follows a similar function to Carfax: it gives you critical information about the “physical health of a home before you make an offer.” Which is why it’s perfect for potential home buyers and real estate agents alike: the more information you have, the more informed of a decision—and an offer—you can make about and on a home.

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HomeTrackr founder Rich Estes of Charleston, South Carolina has a background in residential construction and real estate. After receiving his MBA from John Hopkins Carey Business School, he started the service that provides critical data reports on homes. “It’s the natural evolution of data transparency for residential real estate,” Estes told PRWeb. “It will save buyers and real estate agents thousands by weeding out homes with hidden problems.” Estes believes that home buyers deserve to know the whole truth when it comes to the home they intend to buy, but that homeowners are given too much wiggle room to omit critical information on property disclosure statements.

HomeTrackr is currently producing reports in select national markets. A Quick Look Report provides users with a home’s history of inspections, permits, property damage, property insurance claims, mortgages and even lists contractors who have worked on the home. The HomeTrackr team only gathers public information from reputable sources, ensuring that no data manipulation or privacy violations occur.

The HomeTrackr developers are also working on HomeSafe, a secure digital cloud space where homeowners can enter important documents and information about their homes. Homeowners can log home improvements, upload warranty information, report inaccuracies and store digital records on HomeSafe. This makes finding and presenting accurate and up-to-date information on the home to potential home buyers easy come time to sell. Currently, HomeSafe is in the final stages of development and will be released in the spring of this year.

Although HomeTrackr is currently only available online, a mobile app is scheduled for release later this year. As a powerful, all-in-one resource for hard-to-find information on properties, HomeTrackr can definitely prove incredibly beneficial to real estate agents. Knowing everything you can possibly know about properties your clients are interested in will not only provide peace of mind, it will enable you to make more informed offers on homes.

Have you tried HomeTrackr? If so, is it helpful? If not, where do you find information on properties you’re showing?

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