Published by Jim Droz

In golf parlance, Sandy Schack negotiated several hazards in a short period of time to seal the deal on a recent transaction.

Schack, whose real estate territory of Bay Hill, Fla., is one of the top golf communities in the country, aced the test put forth by the father and manager of budding Japanese star Ryo Ishikawa during this year’s playing of the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill Golf Club. Her efforts led to a $500,000 transaction, with the majority of paperwork and negotiations completed before the conclusion of tournament week.

“It was pretty interesting,” said Schack, whose office is near the golf course. “It was a little tough putting the offer in because they wanted everything done in a week before they headed to Augusta (Ga.) for the Masters and then back to Japan.”

Schack said that her HouseHunt website received more than 200 leads during tournament week, including the one from Ishikawa, who won’t turn 21 until September but already has 10 professional victories worldwide.

“I was showing homes to Ryo’s father and the business manager of his LLC and they’d take photos on their cell phone and show them to Ryo when he completed his round for the day,” Schack said. “That’s how they narrowed down the list of homes.”

But the list of things for Schack to do didn’t get narrower from there. Far from it. The initial offer was turned down by the seller, who took a couple days to reply. The counteroffer was then accepted by the Ishikawa group, who was preparing to head to Georgia.

“By the time I was able to get everything signed and back to the seller, the seller made another counter as far as addendums and time frames, etc.,” Schack said. “My buyers are now in Georgia, so I had to ship everything overnight to them there, but they didn’t respond until the very last day of their time due on the counteroffer.”

But all’s well that eventually ends well, which this whirlwind transaction did for the clients of Schack, who says she “respects each customer’s unique needs” to find solutions quickly and efficiently. Her customer service expertise comes from her pursuit of a career in the entertainment and hospitality industry after moving to Florida from the Northeast. She ended up getting a master’s degree in accounting and became interested in real estate while pursuing that degree. It’s turned out to be a winning combination.

“In a couple weeks we got it done,” Schack said of her transaction with the golf star and his entourage. “I’m in the process of helping them with property management for the home now as they travel. It was kind of crazy how things happened but that’s what you have to do sometimes to get a deal done.”

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