Social Media is ubiquitous and, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start harnessing the potential it can have for your real estate business. Throughout this series, we’ll take a look at the different social media platforms and what they can do to bolster business for you. First up: Facebook for Realtors.

Getting Started: There are two types of Facebook pages you can have as an agent: personal or business. If you already have a personal profile rife with pictures of family, friends and opinions, start fresh with a business page. If you don’t have either, it’s up to you: a personal page is, alas, more personal, whereas a business page is more professional. One of the drawbacks of a business page is that you can’t add or message individual people; you can only contact other businesses. When it comes down to it, the approach you want to take and image you want to portray will dictate which you choose.

Setting Up: Make sure to take advantage of all of the options Facebook provides. Make your default picture a professional one of yourself and upload a picture of your favorite sold property for your cover photo. Fill out your “About” section as accurately as possible and include your office address, email, phone number and links to your website under “Contact Info.” Link your Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube and other social media profiles to your page.

Adding Friends: You will either add friends (if you chose a personal page) or ask people—in person, via email or via another website—to follow you (if you chose a business page). Add your past and current clients; this will allow their friends to see that they’ve recently “added” you or “liked” your page, which is great for potential leads. Facebook is also an awesome networking tool, so add or follow local brokers and agents. Good content on your page may lead these business connections to repost your material.

Posting: Keep in mind that Facebook has a light, friendly atmosphere, so make sure to post accordingly. Post photos and videos of your active properties and properties recently sold, tagging clients who are selling or who’ve recently purchased these properties. Enable locations for your posts so viewers can see exactly where you’re located and what community you’re serving. Don’t forget to post links to articles or websites that you find relevant to your business and the real estate industry (shameless plug: the HouseHunt blog!). This will not only guide viewers to useful resources, the sources you reference will see that you’ve sent people to their site and may return the favor. Lastly, community content is key. By posting fun, interesting information about the neighborhood you’re farming, community members will start using your page as a resource.

Engaging: In order to gain a following for your Facebook page, you need to engage with other relevant pages and people. Like and re-share other agents’ posts and comment on community events and local businesses you enjoy. Reposting others’ content will make those people more likely to repost something of yours, while those who read your comments will be more inclined to visit your page.

For more tips on Facebook for Realtors, take a look at some articles on social media practices here and here. For information on how to turn all of that Facebook interaction into transaction, check out this article.

Please feel free to post any questions in the comments section, and happy Facebooking!

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