By Edward Hurley

If you flip on your local sports channel, you’ll see extreme stunts and sports showing acrobatic flips, dives, and gigantic jumps from professional athletes, skateboarders, BMX riders, motocross enthusiasts, race car drivers, and olympic athletes all over the globe have some sort of drone flying over them. These drones catch everything they fly over on camera for spectators at home to see on their TV screens. But did you know you can use these drones as a real estate agent? Here are some great ways you can use drones as a real estate agent.

Drones for Real Estate

Videos of Your Listings

Using drones for real estate is a great way to film the entirety of a home. You can use a drone to film over the home or areas you cannot normally get pictures or videos of on your own. If you want an aerial view of the roof, you can fly your drone over the home using its remote control. Or you can fly 360 degrees around the home to film both the front and back of the home with just one shot. This will give your viewers an entire look of the home without taking you hours to film. Just make sure to use your drone for real estate purposes and not to spy on friends or family!

Drones for Real Estate

Real Estate Drones for Your Website

You can film great footage of yourself, business, homes listed, and even client testimonials by using a drone. Now you don’t necessarily have to fly over your own head, but a drone makes for a great stationary video camera as well due to its high-quality camera and handheld accessibility.

Drones for Real Estate

Filming the Area You Farm

You can get amazing shots of areas that are important in the town you farm. You can use your drone to fly around parks, lakes, schools (during after-school hours), shopping centers (where permitted), town halls, and of the neighboring homes. You can then post these videos on social media or to your website which will allow your clients to see your amazing videos!

Drones for Real Estate

This will allow you to become an authority of information regarding the neighborhood you work in so new clients will feel comfortable working with you because you are an expert of the area.

Drones to Buy

Lots of companies offer great drones, so the market for these types of cameras is huge right now. GoPro and DJI are two leaders in the world of extreme filming and drones. Their innovative cameras and drone technology have allowed for experienced and new users from all over the world to film whatever they want with the most exciting and crystal-clear camera quality to date.

Drones for Real Estate

Using drones for real estate related videos is a great way to be ahead of the technology curve and look incredibly professional and knowledgeable in front of your clients. With the many drone options out there, you will definitely be able to find a drone that fits your budget and real estate filming needs.

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