There are certain things you have to do well in order to be a successful Realtor.

There are also things you must avoid at all costs in order to stay a successful Realtor.

Below we outline 15 habits and traits that could cost you clients, and ultimately your real estate career. Don’t be that Realtor!


1. You Make Your Clients Pull Up Their Own Listings

It’s your job as a Realtor to find the listings that best suit your buyer client’s needs. Although many homebuyers will do their own due diligence, the listings they find shouldn’t be the only ones they see. Make sure you provide your clients with a comprehensive list of available homes that meet their needs.

2. You’re Not on Time

In your line of work, being punctual is incredibly important. Whether it’s an appointment for a listing presentation, open house, or private showing, make sure you’re on time or earlier than your clients.

3. You Don’t See Homes with Your Clients

Your input is informed, professional, coveted, and what you’re getting paid for. Make sure you can go to private home tours with your clients. If you absolutely have to cancel last minute, see if the seller’s agent can reschedule your appointment and notify your clients as soon as possible with your apologies.

4. You Treat Your Clients as if They’re Less Important than Others

Don’t let your clients feel that they’re a hassle and simply taking up precious time from your busy day. Make every client, whether they’re looking for a $200,000 or a million dollar home, feel appreciated and worthy of your time.

5. You Show Houses That Are Out of Your Client’s Price Range

Price is a deal breaker. Your clients have been pre-approved for a mortgage for a reason: to see how much home they can afford. Therefore, don’t show and lead them to fall in love with a house that’s out of their price range.

6. You’re Not Timely with Presenting Offers

Make sure you present an offer on a home as soon as your clients have one. Furthermore, if there’s a counter offer, get back to your clients as soon as possible to discuss what they need to do to deliver a winning bid.

7. You Don’t Listen to Your Clients

Your clients are buying or selling their home—not you. Therefore, make sure you listen to their specific needs and wants, providing your buyer clients with a necessity and amenity checklist if necessary.

8. You Don’t Preview Homes Before You Offer Them to Clients

Don’t waste your client’s time. Preview homes before showing them to your clients so you don’t end up feeling silly when you show a home in need of serious TLC or one that has foundation issues.

9. You’re Not Up to Date on Current Real Estate Trends

You need to know the market inside and out. Whether you’re inexperienced, only work as a Realtor part time, or are otherwise out of touch with the current market, you need to step up your game and get in touch with what’s happening in the real estate game ASAP.

10. You Treat Your Clients Poorly

Do not badger, yell at, or criticize your clients if they don’t want to spend more than originally discussed or are not ready to make an offer on a home. Both homebuyers and sellers need time to think things over, so let them have it. If you do need to move the process along, do so gently and respectfully.

11. You’re Manipulative or Unethical

Never steer your clients in the direction of doing something unethical or immoral, or manipulate them in any way. It’s their transaction after all; you’re just there to help the process along. Don’t forget, you’re replaceable.

12. You Don’t Provide Full Disclosure

As a Realtor, you’re legally obligated to provide full disclosure if you’re representing any other parties in the transaction or stand to benefit from the transaction in ways other than receiving a commission. Don’t be dishonest, disclose.

13. You Don’t Keep it Professional

Yes, it’s important to develop a relationship with your clients, but remember that it’s a professional relationship, not a personal one. Don’t disclose too much personal information about yourself—or, even worse, use that personal information to gain sympathy or as an excuse when you’re not on your A game.

14. You Disclose Personal Information About Your Clients

Your client’s personal information needs to be held in confidence. Don’t let it slip that your buyer clients “simply loved this house” to the seller’s agent. Never reveal your client’s budget, motivation, or any urgency behind an offer, use your negotiation skills instead.

15. You Don’t Have Time For Your Clients

Make sure you or someone from your team gets back to your clients as soon as humanly possible. Whether it’s a simple inquiry or your clients are ready to put in an offer, respond within the hour. Remember that in real estate, timing is everything—if you don’t respond to your clients, you could lose a deal.

We sincerely hope that you aren’t guilty of any of the aforementioned vices, but if you are, it’s not too late to change! Make sure you make a conscious effort to eradicate said behavior from your professional (and maybe personal) life and you’ll find more clients knocking at your door. Don’t be that Realtor who reads this and doesn’t fix what’s wrong!


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