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Self-Branding for Real Estate Agents: 3 Things You Must Know Before Your Introduction to the Marketplace

Lauren Agajanianby Lauren Agajanian, MBA

Marketing Director for HouseHunt, Inc.

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“I’d like you to meet Maestro Joann Falletta, the first ever female conductor for a symphony orchestra! Maestro Falletta, this is my daughter Lauren.”

A little anti-climactic don’t you think? Had my mother ended her introduction there, I would have felt less than capable to continue the conversation that ensued. I learned an invaluable lesson right at that very moment about the impact of self-branding.

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A Healthy US Marketplace in 4th Quarter 2015


2015 4th Quarter Market Report:
A Healthy and Growing Housing Market

by Lauren Agajanian, MBA

The 2015 US Housing Market in the 4th quarter is the best overall we’ve seen in almost a decade.   This quarter our survey’s  continue to show a shift from 10% plus  home price increases to a slower pace of 5-10%  home price appreciation, as well as a trend toward a more balanced, healthy and steadily growing housing market.

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Strangers in the Night: Residential Real Estate Investors and Agents

It was 2008 when something started to change in my neighborhood. The once familiar family homes were now freckled with For Sale signs. You couldn’t miss them, like many a bank account during that time period, they were completely empty. Front yards with overgrown grass were quickly transformed into brightly painted façades, and with seemingly equal speed flipped back on to the market now listed as “Pride of Ownership” (or investorship). It was happening so quickly.

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Phone Etiquette for Real Estate Agents That Speaks Volumes

by Lauren Agajanian

Some days don’t you wish all of your calls were sent to voicemail? After all, you didn’t record your greeting fourteen times so no one would hear it. Every interaction you have in real estate makes an impression and particularly if it’s their first of you. Robert Lee Holtz, a science writer for The Wall Street Journal, wrote an article that is a must-read if you aspire to be an industry leader. In How to Train Your Voice to be More Charismatic, Holtz describes the power of the voice as “an instrument of rare persuasive power, tuned by evolution and culture to communicate far more than words alone convey.” Phone etiquette and your voice can make a powerful statement about your personal brand as well. These etiquette essentials make sure the image you radiate through the cell phone waves is a good one:

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How Green is Your Home Staging?


head shot




by: Wendy L.K. Rogers, M.A.

When it comes to staging a home, I think we can all agree that it’s a beneficial tool in selling a home quicker for more money. In researching for this article, I found one company boasting 95% ROI and 11 days or less on the market. I even saw a whopping 378% ROI. My goal here is not to debate staging’s merits.   Rather, I’m saying let’s get green with staging to save oodles of money, enjoy being creative and be a little or a lot more eco-friendly.

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