84% of real estate agents are on social media. This is good because, in such a personable occupation, you want to be accessible through multiple mediums. But if your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ aren’t done well, then you may end up doing more harm than good. Luckily, there are social media dashboards to help you stay organized and accessible.

On this blog, we’ve discussed the platform Hootsuite which allows you to schedule and structure social media content. If you never got around to making a Hootsuite account – or simply weren’t impressed – there is a great alternative called Buffer.

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Scheduling Out and Adding to Buffer

On Buffer, you can schedule posts to go out at certain times on certain dates, just like with any social media dashboard. But the added feature is that you can create a steady stream of content without having to schedule each individual post.

When you set up your account, you will set up Buffer times, or times when you’d like to see content go out. For example, we know the best times to post to Twitter are mid-morning and mid-afternoon. But with an unpredictable professional schedule, you can’t ensure that you’ll be able to post at those times. You can set Buffer to automatically push content at those key times.

Any time you see a page online you want to send to your followers, you just drop the link in your Buffer, and it will share without any effort from you. People will constantly see the resources you’re sending out, and you’ll stay at the forefront of your prospect’s minds.

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Other Unique Qualities

In addition to the concept of “buffering” and a slick, intuitive interface, there are many other handy features available through this dashboard, all of which come in handy when you’re using Buffer for real estate business.

Recommended Content

Don’t have anything lined up to be shared with your followers? That’s okay! Buffer offers unique posts every single day that it thinks would be valuable to your constituents. So even if you can’t find something creative to share with your people, you can stay relevant with material someone else found for you.


When you download Buffer, you will notice its logo everywhere. On Facebook, you’ll see the usual “Share” button on posts right next to a “Buffer” button to share that material later.

On Twitter, right next to the “Retweet” button, there will be a “Buffer” button to add that tweet to your queue.

Buffer makes it easy for you to share content, no matter where you happen to be in the World Wide Web.


In addition to ease sharing anything on the Web, they also make it easy to share no matter where you are. The mobile app is laid out exactly the same way as the website. And even though your Internet browsing apps may not come with the nifty “Add to Buffer” buttons, it’s easy to copy/paste the URL into your Buffer feed.

Have you ever used Buffer? Do you have a preference between Buffer and Hootsuite? If so, let us know what you think of the platform in the comments below! 

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