By Jim Droz

An underperforming economy is not an excuse for real estate agents to do the same.

Agents who adjust to the times and maintain a can-do attitude will always do well.

In today’s world, one of the best ways to network with positive people is to attend training classes where you are most likely to meet agents focused on working harder at developing their skills.

In short, there are two skills you cannot delegate:

Prospecting: If you aren’t prospecting everyday, you can’t blame the economy for your lack of production. You might argue that you can delegate prospecting, but hoping a prospect hits your website doesn’t count because it’s passive.

Saying the right thing at the right time: Who are you going to call when you are standing in the kitchen and the husband says, “I love this home, but my wife likes the first home you showed us”? If you don’t believe that you make your living by the words you speak and you are not learning scripts, don’t blame the economy.

If you’re doing well in these two categories, great. If not, can you think of two more important skills you need to sharpen? Regardless of the skills you need to work on, be honest with yourself and start honing.

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