By Jaime Westman


“Sunrise combines Facebook, Google Calendar, LinkedIn and more into a nicely designed daily email. And it’s free!”

If you’re looking for a less hectic way to organize your calendar while remembering your colleague’s mom’s neighbor’s birthday, then the Sunrise Calendar app is the way to go.

Sunrise is a free app that is currently only available for the Apple iPhone and it’s meant to help you easily (and painlessly) organize your business meetings, daily to-do lists, and social calendars in one spot. According to the description found in iTunes, Sunrise is currently only compatible with Google Calendar and Facebook events (like birthdays and anniversaries). The app also seamlessly integrates with Google Maps.

Other awesome features about Sunrise Calendar include:

    • Real time synchronization
    • Reminders
    • Time zone support (you won’t have to reset anything if you’re traveling from Burbank, CA to Birmingham, AL)
    • Quick views to LinkedIn profiles
    • Weather functions
    • Smart icons
    • Geotagging
    • Connecting with multiple Google calendars with expanded month views only when you need it
    • Easy on the eyes design

With an organized calendar that gives you a quick visual of what your day, week, or month will look like, your productivity level will skyrocket.

Real estate agents and brokers, have you used the Sunrise Calendar app or an app similar to it? Tell us more in the comments below!

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