By Jaime Westman

Real estate professionals rejoice, for Cartavi is the app you need to download today! As a real estate professional, you’re probably all too familiar with the copious amounts of paperwork that gets shuffled in any transaction and with all that time that you lost sitting and waiting around for a contract to get mailed back to you. With Cartavi, not only do you eliminate all that hassle, but you’re also eliminating waste by going paperless.
Go paperless
What is Cartavi exactly?

“Cartavi is a simple web-based software that allows you to securely share documents with everyone involved in the process of buying or selling residential real estate. It gives professionals and their clients a central spot to easily store, access, and share the documents that support a transaction [and] to do so from anywhere at anytime using a computer or mobile device…Cartavi is an easy-to-use sharing platform that manages documents efficiently and helps people be more productive.”

You basically create a Transaction Room (the space where you “store, access and quickly share documents with anyone involved in a real estate transaction”), add your documents, and invite users to your Transaction Room so that they can review the documents. You can choose to share your documents with everyone within the Cartavi Network, or with just a select few. And assuming you have your push notifications set to the “on” setting, Cartavi will notify you in real time when someone in the Transaction Room has viewed a document. You can also view any activity within the room by viewing the Transaction Room’s Activity Log.

Users can download and use Cartavi for free, but for companies and professionals that need a greater amount of storage, unlimited Transaction Rooms and eSignature Integration with DocuSign, they will need to pay a nominal fee of $10-$20 a month. Cartavi is available for use on any Apple or Android device. As an additional side note, Cartavi was just acquired by DocuSign.

Who wouldn’t want to be more efficient and go paperless at the same time? Are you using Cartavi? What are your thoughts about this app? Sound off in the comments below or send a tweet to @HouseHuntAgents.

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