By Jaime Westman

The increasing popularity of online video sites such as YouTube shows that people love being visually entertained or stimulated while digesting their information. Having a video message in your e-mails, therefore, makes sense for marketing, especially in the real estate industry. Besides being an extra informational tool on your website, a sharp real estate video can offer consumers a preview of what you offer or a teaser of what one of your featured properties looks like.

Like any type of online marketing, an onslaught of e-mails can be annoying and impersonal. If you get associated with that type of message, prospects will likely start deleting your e-mails without opening them. But a video e-mail can make you and your message stand out, and you don’t necessarily have to be a high-tech genius or budding thespian to make them work.

Services such as BombBomb and Eyejot have systems set up for real estate agents and can help you create, send and track video e-mails, newsletters and other forms of online promotions. Some services also have features including streaming video, video analytics, iPhone apps, video e-mail templates, auto responders and drip campaigns. And other practical uses of video e-mails include staying in contact with relocation clients, staying in touch with past clients and referrals with holiday or birthday greetings and sending market updates to current buyers and sellers.

A video e-mail is an effective way for you to show off your personality without the use of an emoticon. If you have an upbeat personality, that will be evident to prospects who might feel comfortable working with you. If you want to personalize your video e-mails, that can be done too. Just be sure to mention the client’s name and that you’ve found some properties that suit their needs. Don’t make a generic message that covers all your leads because it shows a lack of interest or effort. Your client will appreciate the personalized message, which doesn’t have to be long and drawn out. You can also set up a link to your website or any attachments you want sent with the message.

Here is a sample of a simple video we use to welcome our clients to the HouseHunt family:

If you’re giving a guided tour of a home, don’t state the obvious like “here’s the kitchen.” Point out the special features of the kitchen and other areas of the home that make it especially attractive. Talk as if you’re having a conversation with a client in the room so they can relate to what you’re offering. And keep the stats and figures to a minimum. The main priority of a house tour is to be dynamic while making the property intriguing.

If you want to get even more elaborate and put the house into context of where it is in the community, incorporate a frame or two of nearby landmarks, schools and parks or any other feature that makes the house more marketable.

Basically, use your imagination to be the most effective. That way your prospects can more easily imagine themselves living in the house you’re selling.

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