By Lolly Spindler


At the end of the day, you’re not just selling real estate, you’re selling yourself. Here are seven Realtor self promotion ideas, some old and some new. Learn what you can do to help get you and your real estate business more visibility offline.

business card

Business Cards

Everyone has business cards, which means yours needs to stick out from the rest of the pack. As we mentioned in “Top 55 Real Estate Tools for Agents,” Moo is a site where you can buy unique business cards, setting yourself apart as an agent. Moo offers regular, luxe, gloss, green, rounded-corner, and mini business cards that range from $19.99 to $34.99 for 50 cards. Check out their site to see which type and graphic design style fits you and your brand. You can also check out e-business cards which let you send your business cards via text message and inputs your information into the recipient’s contacts automatically.

personalized mug HH


You work with homeowners, so what better way to keep you top of mind then remind them of your existence every morning when they pour a cup of coffee? Personalized mugs are not only practical, they can provide a great way to showcase your sense of humor.

personalized pen HH



This may be a bit played out, but pens come in handy. Not only can these personalized pens be used to sign an offer agreement or finalize a loan, they’ll be some of the first to make it into your client’s new junk drawer.




Bench Ads


Although no one’s bench ad will ever be as good as Phil Dunphy’s, these still help get your face out there (literally). It’s a good way to get brand recognition in your community and reach more people.


lawn sign HH

Signs run the gamut from advertising open houses to simply advertising your services around town. Like bench ads and billboards, always have your face, phone number, and website (along with any other pertinent contact information) on your signs. Lastly, remember to ask for permission before sticking them in random spots.

hallmark abstract service

via Hallmark Abstract Service



Billboards are more of an investment and probably only practical in bigger, more competitive markets (think L.A. or Miami). Since these are very visible, make sure they convey the right message: are you the fun-loving, doesn’t-take-himself-too-seriously Realtor a la I Love You Man or are you strictly business and professionalism?

postcard HH

Postcards (Success Marketing)


In addition to promoting yourself, you should also be promoting your successful deals. Send out glossy postcards of a home you recently sold to neighbors in the surrounding area. Or, as Jim Droz used to do, send out “My Buyer Just Bought” postcards to the communities you farm.

Do you have any other great ideas for Realtor self promotion? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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