By Edward Hurley

When you’re on a budget, marketing a listing can be difficult. But it can be done. Even if you cannot afford to put your listing across lots of different websites, you can still get the word out. Here are some awesome ways to market on a budget.

Ways to Market on a Budget

1. Email Marketing List

You should keep in contact with possible buyers for any of the new listings you receive. Keep their contact information stored in a database or pipeline so that you can email them whenever you get a new listing that they may be interested in. This way, you’ll be inexpensively sending out information on your listing to leads who will likely be interested in what you’re selling.

Ways to Market on a Budget

[Efficiency: Cost efficient. Simple. Fast.]

2. Social Media

91% of Realtors use social media; most share their listings across social media sites. Social media is an amazing way for getting people interested in a home and marketing on a budget. If you have some followers, simply post your listing online, and ask them to tag their friends or reshare the post with whomever they think will be interested in the home. All you have to do is post a picture, share some information about the listing’s location, attach your number, and you have a post ready to be shared online. Tip: be sure to use relevant hashtags to go along with your post (like #newhome or #newlisting).

How to Market on a Budget

[Efficiency: Free. Will reach lots of people. Possibility of showing their friends.]

3. Farming

Farming is an outdated, old, and useless way to market on a budget nowadays. Right? Wrong. Real estate agents need to understand the possibilities that farming does for them. It differentiates them from all other clients relying only on the internet. It is a way to step out of the office and meet a potential homebuyer directly. It’s a way to send a personal letter, or meet a client in person, and stand out from constant phone calls or emails that people are already used to getting from real estate agents. By going door-to-door and speaking with local neighbors, you are able to find potential buyers throughout the town you work in. Even if they are not interested in selling their home or buying a new one, they may still direct you to a family member or friend who is planning on moving.

How to Market on a Budget

[Efficiency: Free. Will talk with lots of potential clients. Friendly and differentiating.]

4. Create a Blog

Creating a blog that links to your website is a great way to get buyers interested in your home listing. You do not just have to blog about your new listing and all of its features; you can blog about different topics, like ways to decorate, how to organize your attic, or how to remodel your home. By creating a blog with relevant posts that your potential clients will be interested in, you are giving them an insight as to you as a professional real estate agent and building a sense of trust between you and them.

How to Market on a Budget

[Efficiency: Free, depending upon what site you use. Fun and interesting. Shows your knowledge as an agent.]

5. Local Media Outlets

Utilize local newspapers to market on a budget by asking them if you can run an ad about your listing. You can always write a press release if you have a newsworthy story about the residence. Perhaps something interesting happened at the home at some time in history or a famous resident lived there. Whatever the reason, your local newspaper should be very accommodating in allowing you to run an ad or story on your listing.

How Market on a Budget

[Efficiency: Cost efficient. Reach locals in town directly.]

6. Post Flyers

This idea may seem outdated, but it can work if you do it properly. By printing up an ad and posting it around town, you’ll get some residents who may just want to move homes but stay in the same area. Make sure to use some high quality pictures, contact information, and accurate pricing. By putting your flyer in a busy location in the city, you should get lots of calls and offers on the property in no time.

Ways to Market on a Budget

















[Efficiency: Free. Simple. Easy.]

By using some of these tips to market your listing, you’ll find a potential buyer in no time. Be sure to get the word out about your listing in as many ways as you can so that buyers gain interest. So whether you’re a first-year agent or you’ve been selling homes for the past 20 years, you can be sure to sell your next listing by trying a few of these ways to market on a budget.

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