Home sellers start out very skeptical about finding a listing agent… and rightfully so! Home sellers are looking for someone they can trust to turn a profit out of the biggest investment they’ve ever made.

That being said, however, 70% of sellers end up going with the first listing agent they interview.

Why the quick turnaround? Because a good agent nails the listing interview! The right information will convince even the most hesitant sellers that YOU are the perfect agent for them.  Here are five statistics to convert sellers right away.


convert seller leads

Asking Price vs. Selling Price

The first stat you should wow your sellers with is how close your average selling price on homes is to your asking price. Explain that most homes sell for about 95% of asking price, that way if your average is at all higher, you look like a lifesaver. Be sure to focus on all the times your listings ended in a bidding war where the selling price was actually above the listed price!

Eye of the Beholder: Is your average selling price below where you’d like it to be? You can brush over that quickly. Just focus on a recent, comparable listing that sold at a high price.

Average Days on the Market

This statistic is important to your marketing for a couple reasons:

  • Sellers are usually operating under some kind of deadline. They are eager to get out of their current living situation. A mental deadline on the sale will encourage business.
  • Many homeowners hate the idea of private tours and open houses parading through their property on a weekly basis. If you can say, “It usually only takes x number of tours before a bite…” then sellers will feel relieved that there is an end in sight of the strangers in their home.

Average Number of Offers

Every seller thinks s/he is sitting on the gold mine the real estate world has been waiting for. If your listings tend to end in multiple offers – or, better yet, bidding wars – then market yourself with that! Any homeowner will love the idea of people competing over his/her property.

Your Close Rate

When the economy is hurting, or it’s not exactly a seller’s market, some clients will just be worried about selling the property at all. If you close a higher percentage of listings than peers in your community or at your brokerage, then make a point to communicate this.

Eye of the Beholder: Even if your average close rate isn’t any higher than normal, you can still market quantity. If you close a large number of houses – even if it’s far from your total number of listings – that can actually sound just as good to a prospect.

Stats about the Market

Follow market condition reports closely, especially for your town, and promote any stats about it being a “seller’s market.” This will brand you as knowledgeable in the community, but it will also encourage sellers that now is the time to act. Also take a look at when are the best times to sell in your state.


Presenting statistics on your own success rates – plus a few tidbits on the local market – is all it takes to convert seller leads into bigger commission checks!

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