Sometimes it seems like a career in real estate make it impossible to keep up with both your business and your personal life. There’s so much to fit into 24 hours! You may be surprised to learn that according to a recent study from GlassDoor, real estate is considered one of the top 20 careers to maintain ‘work life balance.’

Sure, you have clients that need your attention on nights and weekends. You have to maintain professionalism out and about in the community. But you also have the freedom to make your own schedules, set office hours, and prioritize what really matters in life without sacrificing your paycheck!

So how do you strike a perfect work/life balance? We’ve scoured the Web for the best tips on keeping your professional and personal priorities straight. More specifically, we sought advice specifically from and for real estate professionals.

work life balance

1.  Take a “Power Hour”

Tip from RealtorMag

Clear an hour a day to turn off social media, put away your phone, and even shut down e-mail. Knock out those tasks that litter your to-do list. Start with the least enjoyable projects and work your way to the quick, menial chores. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish in just one hour of total focus and concentration. This will free you up to focus on the fun parts of the job such as developing relationships (or just taking a guilt-free long lunch with the kids) for the rest of your day.

2. Take Time for Yourself

Tip from

Most people view ‘work life balance’ as something that allows them to prioritize their family and friends without sacrificing career and ambition. But the idea of balance goes so much deeper than that. There should also be a spot in your life for relaxation, working out, and general time to yourself. Jumping straight from a meeting to a family dinner is not balance. If you want to thrive with colleagues and family, you should also take some time to be alone.

3. Focus More on Prospects

Tip from Best Reno Agents

This is imperative! We talk about nurturing your leads all the time on this blog and this is why! The highs and lows of the industry take a toll on agents and brokers. If you want to be a step ahead of the housing market, you should be prospecting at least an hour per (work)day. If you always have leads in the pipeline, you remove the main stressor from your office and can spend more time on your personal life.

4. Leverage Technology Appropriately

Tip from DotLoop

Technology is there to help! You can get organized, delegate responsibilities, cut middle-men in every aspect of your career (and sometimes even your home life) if you properly utilize the technology in your very pocket. We’ve written a list of 55 tools to help your business. We also liked this list of apps that TED Talks staff endorse.

5. Accept Work/Life Balance is NOT Work/Life Separation

Tip from 99u 

People always try to prioritize their lives in list format. Instead of thinking of the arenas in your life as first priority, second priority, etc., view them as intertwining facets that can be sustained simultaneously. View your personal life as “center” rather than “first.” Your own health will always be the focus, even in business-related decisions. For example, if your family knows that they factor into everything you do, they won’t be fazed if you take a business call while you’re out with them.


These are our five favorite tips for work life balance after from our real estate network. If applied, they can give you a fresh perspective on what it means to stay healthy both professionally and personally. What have you found works for YOU? Let us know in the comments below.

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