Sometimes it can be tough coming up with content for a blog, but there are many outlets from which you can get creative ideas. Take a look at our list of where to find great ideas and what to use for awesome content for your real estate blog.

1. Infographics
Infographics are omnipresent these days, and they offer a ton of information. Pick some of your favorite infographics and turn them into content. For example, we recently came across a great infographic by Prudential Real Estate entitled “Gender Perceptions in Homeownership” and turned it into an article called Male vs. Female Home Buyers. The amount of information found on the infographic lent itself to a full-length piece of written content.

content for real estate blog

2. The Sites You Use Everyday
It’s always a good idea to write what you know. Have any special tips on posting to your favorite social media platform? Is there a certain type of picture that drives more traffic to your site? Use what you’ve learned about the sites you use every day and turn them into informative content. If Pinterest draws a huge amount of referral traffic to your blog, let the numbers talk: write about how many clicks, pins, impressions and overall reach you get weekly or monthly and what types of photos you share/boards you curate to grab that traffic.

3. In the News
It’s always a good idea to write articles that are pertinent to what’s happening in the world and trending online. For example, as bitcoin gained popularity, we wrote an article about Paying for Real Estate with Bitcoin. After a UN Women campaign using Google Autofill gained popularity on various social media sites, we used the same tactic and applied it to real estate.

4. Pop Culture
We’re no Perez Hilton, but we do like to dabble in pop culture. Articles about celebrities, TV shows, movies, etc. can grab a lot of readers you may usually not attract. Make sure your pop culture articles still relate to real estate, however. For example, start a Celebrity Homes Series, post property highlights of homes featured in television shows or owned by reality TV stars and write about towns featured in popular movies.

5. Links
Creating top 25, 50 or 100 lists of useful links can grab you a lot of attention. We’ve seen great results from both our 25 Infographics for Real Estate Agents and 25 Infographics For Selling a House posts. These can be done with any real estate related topic, including resources for first time home buyers, links to help your move go smoothly, etc.

Have any more content ideas for your real estate blog? Please share your tips and tricks with us in the comments section!

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