Real estate memes are everywhere for industry professionals, so we’ve just compiled 30 of our favorites. You might as well bookmark this page and pin these pictures, because you’re going to want these memes accessible throughout every real estate transaction.

Special thanks to our friends at The Lighter Side of Real Estate and for many of these great images. 

1. So you’re looking for a new client. Better sift through those Internet leads!

Micky Mouse Lead

2. Then make sure they’re pre-approved.


3. Oh, and it’d be better if they were also pre-qualified.


4. And even with those precautionary measures, they may not be serious buyers.

Not a Serious Buyer

5. But then other times they’re SUPER serious and expect updates on every little thing.

Chill Out Handling It

6. You show them some listings with the most potential.

Listing in All Caps

7. Maybe they’ll realize they’re not ready to buy after all.

NOT Ready to Buy

8. But every once in a while, there will be harmony, and your buyers will fall in love with their dream home.

Clients Agree

9. So you’ll have to keep them from acting too excited.

Buyer Too Excited

10. Soon it’s your job to make sure they stay as excited while you’re playing the waiting game.

Lender Wont Call Back

11. And more waiting game…

Waiting for Other Agent

12. Eventually their offer is accepted!

Offer Accepted 2

13. No, seriously! The offer was accepted. Do you know how exciting this is?!

Offer Accepted 1

14. So now it’s time to find a listing client. You see if you can convert a For Sale By Owner listing.


15. It’ll take some persistence. FSBO folks are stubborn.


16. Oh, who are we kidding? Sellers in general are stubborn. Have you ever had to deal with someone attached to their Zestimate number?

Zestimates 2


17. So you have to explain how listing prices are actually determined…

Zestimate 1

18. Even then, your listing client will be full of great ideas.

Overprice Home

19. Redirect their attention to just getting the listing ready to sell.

Taking House Photos

20. Then just redirect their attention somewhere else entirely so that you can handle the sale.

Home During Showing

21. Don’t take it personal when a client wants to pay you less.

Cut Commission

22. Still go to bat for them when you’re in negotiations.

Lowball Offer

23. And just pray that there are no last minute complications.

Closing Complication

24. Because, really, that’s the last thing you need. You’ve already given up your Saturdays for this sale.

Work Saturday

25. Actually, you’ve pretty much given up on weekends in general.

Not a Weekend

26. No denying you’re overworked.


27. Lucky for you, the deal closed!

After Closing

28. Go ahead and be proud of your accomplishments. You’re the best!

Chose Other Realtor

29. And it’s all because you have such passion for your job.

Talking about Real Estate

30. Plus it keeps you young… right?!

Looking Back

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