Here at HouseHunt, we believe in the power of infographics. They are a fun way to convey information, and can easily be shared online via social media. We’ve made infographics for otherwise-boring information like how to prepare for a listing interview, to silly topics like #RealtorProblems.

Free Infographic Templates

One thing every real estate professional needs is market reports. This slew of data isn’t normally very interesting for your customers. But with the help of some fun graphics, market reports aren’t so bad.

Below are three free infographic templates for you to use in your next housing market report. These are in PowerPoint format, so you can easily plug in your own information and save your newly created graphic. Mix and match elements you like from the three formats. Each one has it’s own unique purpose, but we hope they all spark some creativity and empower you to grow your business through viral internet marketing.

Local Report

This template is designed for you basic mover; someone who is moving to a new house but staying local. This is a bit more seller oriented, as they will have to sell their home before they can move forward with their next one. Click here to download.

Local Report Infographic Template

Local Template


Out-of-Towner Report

This format is oriented for someone who is moving to the area for the first time to buy a house. It is more buyer-focused than the previous format. More importantly, it features US Census data about the community you live in. Highlighting the area is a great way to help your buyers feel at home before they even pick a home! Click here to download.

Out of Towner Report Free Infographic Template

Out-Of-Towner Template

Professional Report

Can’t decide between the two formats listed above? Play it safe with a general market report that allows you to touch on all of the most important data without excluding any of your potential audience. Click here to download.

Professional Report Free Infographic Template

Professional Template

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