We’ve gathered 25 infographics for real estate agents, guaranteed to make you more informed! These infographics are about everything from your website, blogging, social media and online leads to dealing with buyers and sellers, why you should go mobile, and how to market your business. Click on the titles to see the infographics and/or find them on our Pinterest Infographics Board, and enjoy!25 essential infographics for real estate agents

  1. Real Estate Through Time: Because we should all know our real estate history.
  2. Amazing Real Estate Statistics of 2013: The real estate industry spends the most on online advertising.
  3. What Makes a Great Real Estate Website: What features your website needs to have.
  4. Blogging and What it Means for Your Business: Why you need to start blogging!
  5. The Science of Content Marketing for Real Estate: Now that you have a blog, here’s what to write.
  6. The Real Estate Industry and Social Media Use: Which social media platforms agents are using, and how the industry compares to small businesses.
  7. The Best and Worst Times to Post on Social Networks: Peak times for posting and time frames to avoid.
  8. Hashtags: The importance of using—or not using—hashtags on certain social media platforms.
  9. The Modern Day Buyer and the Social Media Movement: How the internet has changed the way people buy.
  10. Offline vs. Online Leads: The difference between traditional and internet leads.
  11. Nurture Online Leads: How to nurture those internet leads.
  12. 7 Tips to Sell Properties Online: A seven step process for how to sell online.
  13. Realtors vs. For Sale By Owners: The difference a realtor makes when selling a home.
  14. Why Some Homes Sell Faster: The “it” factors that help homes move quickly.
  15. Home Staging in Every Season: What to keep an eye out for—or tell your clients to maintain—during the home-selling process.
  16. What Buyers are Willing to Do for the House They Want: Stats on how many buyers will offer over asking price, etc.
  17. Gender Perceptions in Home Ownership: What tasks men and women take on during the home buying process.
  18. Millennials-The Next Generation of Home Buyers: Who they are and how to market to them.
  19. Mobile in the Enterprise: How and why businesses are going mobile.
  20. Real Estate on the Go: The mobile web, mobile app usage and real estate.
  21. The Formula for Success: How to calculate how many loyal customers you need to achieve your real estate goals.
  22. 10 Effective Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents: Both offline and online marketing tips.
  23. Real Estate Marketing Tips for the Fall: What to do for your clients come Fall.
  24. Holiday Marketing for Real Estate Agents: Ways to stay on your clients’ minds over the holidays, so come January when business picks back up, you’re the one they call!
  25. What Could You Build With All The World’s Legos?: Because everyone loves Legos.


infographics for real estate agents

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