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Month: January 2016

Bull in a China Shop: Is Your Real Estate Business Unbreakable?

Bull in a China Shoppe                      Remember Annette Bening’s portrayal of a real estate agent in American Beauty (1999)?  Bening’s over-the-top, Type A character Carolyn Burnham is mesmerized by the Real Estate King – Buddy Kane (Peter Gallagher) and goes near berserk cleaning a home she is determined to sell.  Seemingly unbreakable in her quest to achieve Kane-level success, Burnham repeatedly chants “I-Will-Sell-This-House-Today.”  Later, we see a broken Burnham who is both unable to sell the home, and ashamed of her own loss of composure.  As entertaining as she was in this role, it was frighteningly true.

What is it that causes real estate salespeople to get locked in a frenzy of determination and fear?

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Self-Branding for Real Estate Agents: 3 Things You Must Know Before Your Introduction to the Marketplace

Lauren Agajanianby Lauren Agajanian, MBA

Marketing Director for HouseHunt, Inc.

Featured in HouseHunt’s Diamond Business Plan


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“I’d like you to meet Maestro Joann Falletta, the first ever female conductor for a symphony orchestra! Maestro Falletta, this is my daughter Lauren.”

A little anti-climactic don’t you think? Had my mother ended her introduction there, I would have felt less than capable to continue the conversation that ensued. I learned an invaluable lesson right at that very moment about the impact of self-branding.

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A Healthy US Marketplace in 4th Quarter 2015


2015 4th Quarter Market Report:
A Healthy and Growing Housing Market

by Lauren Agajanian, MBA

The 2015 US Housing Market in the 4th quarter is the best overall we’ve seen in almost a decade.   This quarter our survey’s  continue to show a shift from 10% plus  home price increases to a slower pace of 5-10%  home price appreciation, as well as a trend toward a more balanced, healthy and steadily growing housing market.

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