How to Use Slideshare as a Real Estate Agent


If you use social media, which, let’s face it, you do, you’re most likely on all of the major social media platforms as a real estate professional. But, have you ever used Slideshare? It’s an innovative social media site that is directed more towards professionals and those who want to learn new skill sets or about different topics. There are lots of real estate tools and lessons to be learned on Slideshare, so let’s take a look at the benefits of this awesome social media site.

Slideshare Real Estate

What is Slideshare

Slideshare is a social media platform intended to share professional presentations and professional content. It is intended for education uses mostly, but there are lots of ways to get into contact with other Slideshare users. You can leave comments, like posts, and follow users whose content you enjoy viewing and learning from.

Slideshare was designed for people who want to advance their knowledge in many different topics and skills. Here are just some of the topics Slideshare has to share: health, marketing, engineering, sciences, self-improvement, sports, travel, and, yes—real estate!

Slide Share Real Estate

What is on Slideshare

Slideshare consists of uploaded content ranging from PowerPoints, Keynotes, videos, blogs, and infographics of a broad range of topics from professionals and companies alike. Many users like to share their insight on whatever it is that they know. There are lots of videos, presentations, and content on different real estate skills and topics that will help you learn different things you can use as an agent.

Slideshare’s Audience

Slideshare has an audience of over 60 million users! There are over 18 million pieces of content shared on Slideshare. Its monthly page views are consistently at 159 million. And there are already 10 million presentations uploaded to Slideshare, and that number is going to continue to grow!

How to Use Slideshare

If you have ever created a PowerPoint or Keynote Presentation, then you already have the skills to upload your content. All you need to do is create an account, log in, and get started uploading everything you want to share with other professionals about real estate and any other topic you know.

Slideshare Real Estate

You can find lots of information on building client relationships, how to work with multiple listings at a time, how to represent both the buyer and seller clients, and much more information on how you can become the best agent possible. The beautiful part is Slideshare is free to use and upload content to.

Sharing Your Own Slides

You should use Slideshare as a starting point. You can create your slides on Slideshare for your potential clients as well. You can create knowledgeable slides on any topic that you feel would help your audience feel more comfortable and trust you as a real estate professional to work with.

Topics you can create and share could range from how to buy a home for the first time, how to save for a down payment, or how to apply for a home loan. In fact, the presentations and content that seem to do very well, in terms of information and views on Slideshare, are “how-to” posts.

Slideshare is a social media site that will allow you to express yourself in different ways professionally in the field of real estate. Its audience will bring new viewers and possible clients to you. With Slideshare, there are lots of topics to cover in the form of steps that will allow your clients to begin to trust you as their agent. So be sure to create an account and start sliding!

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Vacation Homes [Infographic]


The importance of vacation homes is growing in this booming real estate market. This infographic takes a look at some helpful stats about the significance of summer homes, why they’re booming this year, and what kinds of homes are fastest to get snatched off the market. A lot of this information comes courtesy of the National Association of Realtors.



Real estate agents need to be prepared for an influx of customers looking to buy a vacation home.
  • 2014 vacation home sales were up 57.4% from the previous year.
  • 1.3 million vacation homes were purchased in 2014.
  • Summer home sales accounted for 21% of real estate transactions last year.


Why are summer homes such a big market right now?
  • The Baby Boomer generation is buying a 2nd home to become their primary residence upon their (soon) retirement.
  • Affluent households considering a second home have had a confidence boost thanks to a strong stock market.


Of those who purchased a vacation home in the last year, here’s what they bought (and why)…
  • 33% bought for personal and family retreats
  • 54% bought a single family home. 27% bought a condo or townhouse.
  • 40% bought a home at the beach. 15% bought a home on a lake front.
  • 19% plan to make the summer home their primary residence in the future
  • 46% purchased in the South, 25% in the west, 15% in the northeast, and 14% in the midwest.

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What Your Clients Need to Know About Renting Out Their Home


Your clients may ask for your opinion on renting out their home to tenants. You may know a lot more about renting than them, so it’s best that you share everything you know about the process before they decide on letting a stranger rent their home for a month or two. So here is the right information you should let your clients in on before they decide to list the home with you.


Why Should Your Clients Rent Their Home

There are lots of benefits to renting out a home. Your clients will not only be helping provide a home for a family or roommates who need a place to live, they will also be able to pay down their mortgage with the money made from rent. This will allow them to still own their home, pay their mortgage, and update the home as they see fit. When they want to retire, renting their home will have allowed them to pay off their mortgage with renter’s money. So this is a great option for homeowners if they can afford to live somewhere else while they rent out their home.


Home Renters Tax

States require a renter’s tax to homeowners who plan on renting their home out to tenants even for short periods of time. Your client needs to know this before they start renting out their home as an investment property. If they are uncomfortable with their home being considered a “small business,” then it is probably best that they do not rent their home out. If they are fine with being compliant, then instruct them on going to the IRS website to see what type of taxes their local state and city requires from them.

Being in Charge of the Property

Before renting out their home, your client needs to decide if they are going to be in charge of the property during the rental agreement with the tenant or if they’re going to hire a property manager. It is more cost efficient for your client to act as the property manager rather than hiring one. But, a property manager will act on their behalf to ensure the home is looked after and the rent is collected.

If they decide against hiring a property manager, they will have to collect monthly payments, manage the property, deal with any issues with the renters and/or property, and keep track of all the scheduling. This means work and effort from your client. It is not as if they are just going to collect another paycheck for as long as their tenant lives in their home.

In the event that they hire a property manager, they are going to have to pay a certain percentage of the monthly rent collected from the tenants to the property manager as their commission. This percentage can range from 20-40% of the rent, depending upon how much the property manager is in charge of and how much work they do.

Websites to Advertise With

There are lots of ways you can post a home for rent online. If your client is only planning to rent their home out for a month or two, you can suggest they use a site like Airbnb or HomeAway. These sites allow their users to designate the amount of time they would like to rent out their home; if they only want to rent their home out for a few months or even just one night.

There are other rental-listing sites that are more intended for long-term rentals. By posting with sites like Craigslist or Sublet, clients will be completely in charge of the entire rental agreement and contract between them and the tenant without having to pay high third-party fees.

Tenants to Choose

You should advise your client to meet lots of people who would like to rent their home. This way, they can choose the best candidate(s) or family to rent with. Bad tenants are one of the fastest ways to depreciate a home’s value. In fact, a bad tenant who is lackluster on paying their rent on time can cost lots of time and money wasted on eviction and missed rent payments.


The types of tenants your client should rent to should obviously be reliable, clean, trustworthy, and friendly people to avoid any headaches or later complications that may arise from untrustworthy or careless individuals, who may not respect your client’s home or property, which can lead to property damage and then the home’s value depreciating.

Turnover Crew

Once the tenants decide to move out of your client’s rental, or your client is going to move back into their home, they are going to need a turnover crew to help clean and update their home back to shape. The crew should consist of reliable contractors ranging from: house cleaners, landscapers, and pool cleaners. They must cost some money, but they will save your client the time and effort of having to clean and update their home entirely on their own before they decide to rent it again or move back in.


Renting a home is a big commitment to for your client to make. If they ask you for your help and guidance, be sure to tell them everything you know about the renting process. If you do, they will surely be grateful and definitely ask you to help them sell their home when it’s time.

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How to Use Facebook Effectively as a Real Estate Agent


Since everyone uses social media nowadays, it is likely the best way to reach out to your current and future clients. Postling stated that 84% of real estate agents are using Facebook. Because so many agents use Facebook, you need to be able to differentiate your posts as a Realtor. Here are some great tips on what you can do.

Facebook Real Estate

Post Great Content

Your audience is made up of friends, family, and past/current/future clients. That means you have to post great content to keep them interested in your Facebook presence and trust you as a real estate professional. Content that you should post revolves around blogs you wrote, pictures or videos you filmed of listings, or interesting quotes or articles you find online.

Great content to post can range from major topics like real estate market trends to new housing laws. However, content sent out to your audience should also be highly targeted to the community you farm in, which means sharing information about local community events and information regarding the town you’re farming. This way, you’re audience will go to your page as a source for information regarding not only homes for sale in their area, but as a page to find out information relevant to the town they live in.

Facebook Real Estate

Posting images generates 53% more likes than any other type of post. Posting videos also gains lots of engagement rather than just sharing text posts. Pictures or a video showing the entirety of a home for sale would be the right type of post to get your clients interested in a new listing.

The better the content means the more engagement and interest you’re going to receive from your colleagues and clients. So it’s best not to post anything you do not find interesting or believe your audience will not want to read or view.

Listing Posts

If you decide to post listings on your Facebook, be sure to space your listings posts with interesting content posts. This way, you’re not constantly inundating your audience with just listings you have for sale. You should post your listings by also tagging where they are located. Facebook allows you to map out where your picture was taken, so you can help everyone see exactly where the listing is located in the specific city and on the specific street.

Facebook Real Estate

A good idea for sharing homes you sold is to tag your clients you sold the home with. This way, if any clients want to know anything about the home, they can even ask your past clients about you and their new home.

Another great way to engage with new clients on Facebook is to add hashtags and ways to search keywords related to the homes, listings, or content you’re posting about. Use hashtags wisely—too many is never a good thing.

Pay for Ads

The great thing about making a Facebook page, and most other social media sites, is that it’s free, but its paid-ads feature is an amazing way for you to connect with new clients. The categories and search features that Facebook enables for its paid postings are amazing. You can post listings or content specifically targeted to audiences that fit certain criteria or lifestyles.

Facebook Real Estate

An example of this is that if you have a listing in a Boston, Massachusetts priced at $300,000, you can pay for an ad with Facebook to post your listing targeted at individuals who have an income high enough to afford the home and who also live in the Boston area. This way, you’re going to get lots of people calling you interested in buying your listing. Plus, the minimum is only $5 to post to targeted audiences, so there is no reason not to try!

Connect with New People

A great thing for you to do when you meet new people is ask them for their full name and if they are on Facebook. This may seem odd at first, but if you know where they’re from, and their first and last name, you’re likely going to be able to add them on Facebook. This way, you’ll meet new and add them on social media instead of always having to ask for their phone number if they may not want to give it out. You can also add your Facebook contact information on your business card alongside your email and phone number.

Facebook Real Estate

Facebook is one of the best ways to stay in touch with past clients and connect with new ones. It allows you to post interesting information and even sell yourself as a professional. If you use Facebook to promote your listings and yourself, you will very likely find buyers and new clients in a short time.

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How to Find a Brokerage [Infographic]


There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you’re looking to find a brokerage. This always happens very early in your real estate career, but can happen periodically for the rest of your life. Here are the questions you need to find the perfect real estate company for you, plus a look at franchise vs. independent brokers.


Questions to Ask

Company Vision and Culture

  • What are the long term goals of the brokerage?
  • What are the company’s core values?
  • What is the turnover rate like?
  • Is there additional training or a mentor program?

Paycheck and Benefits

  • How much of the commission goes to the company?
  • Do they subsidize your advertising budget?
  • Is the office in a convenient and practical location for you?
  • Are you supplied with any additional technology resources?

Online Presence

  • Is the company site easy to navigate? Are their agents well represented?
  • How many listings are currently active? Are they high quality?

Franchise vs. Independent Brokers

38% of agents use franchise brokerages, and 59% use an independent brokerage. The other 3% are undisclosed. Your franchise ones are the big names that people recognize such as Keller Williams, Re/Max, Sotheby’s, etc. Those areas have more budget and resources, as well as established authority and credibility. Independent brokers, however, offer more flexibility for agents and allow more input from their agents.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Remember that brokerage offices need you more than you need them. Don’t be intimidated.
  • When you meet to discuss partnering with a company, it should be a dialogue, not just an interview. Make sure you are as good a fit for them as they are for you.

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Instagram Listing Photos


Instagram is more than just a fun social media app used for looking at funny and interesting pictures your friends take. It’s also about marketing and sharing useful images of products and services by major companies. As a user of the site, you can take pictures of whatever you’d like. So why not use Instagram as a way for you to get the homes you have listed in the public’s eye for anyone who may be interested?

Instagram Listings

Instagram Audience

Instagram first showed up in 2010 and was purchased by Facebook in 2012. Its users have grown rapidly over its first few years, and it now has over 300 million monthly users. All different types of people use Instagram, but it has quickly become the most popular social media site used by young people. With all those eyes looking at different images and videos, it’s no wonder this app is a great way to get the word out about a particular product or service, which is why it’s so great for homes for sale.

Instagram Listings

Instagram Listing Photos

If you create an Instagram account specifically for your business, you will be able to take great photos of the home(s) you have for sale. All you have to do is download the app, add followers (friends) by either requesting them through your phone contacts or Facebook, and you’re ready to start posting pictures of your listings. All you have to do is snap pictures of the home with your phone’s camera. Then click upload, and everyone is able to see the listing photos you’ve taken.

Listing Photo

Instagram Listing Videos

The videos on Instagram are an awesome way for you to create videos of a home. Think of it as a digital walkthrough. All you have to do is record different rooms of the home. You can even narrate the rooms as you walk through them and show off all their great features!


If you are not sure what hashtags are actually for, you may want to research them. They are not just snappy catchphrases used to add emphasis to a post. They are meant for categorizing a post to be put into a list of more posts that are similar in terms of style, location, people, event, topic, or interest. A great way to understand this is by searching a hashtag like #homeforsale. If you searched this hashtag on a social media platform, you will surely find thousands of homes for sale throughout the world.

A better way to use a hashtag is to be very specific. A good example would be #homeforsale + in city name and state. A proper hashtag would then look like #homeforsaleinPhoenixAZ. Your image of a home for sale in your territory is now visible for all those interested in homes in that specific neighborhood or area. You should remember to use a few hashtags for each listing post. Three or more different hashtags will help people interested in your territory find a home they want to buy.

Instagram Listing

There are many real estate agents and companies who use Instagram well to sell their listings. It’s a good idea to include the price of the listings in the photo descriptions as well as tagging the home’s location. You should also include your name and contact information in your bio section on your Instagram profile. This way, anyone who sees your Instagram listing photos will be able to contact you whenever they’re interested in buying a home with you and your clients!

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Contacting Clients on Lesser-Known Holidays


There are lots of reasons to use your pipeline to send your clients relevant news and information regarding homes in the area. However, there are more reasons you should contact your clients other than just housing information. Holidays are a great way for you to wish your clients a happy celebration and for you to get your name out there as well. So here is a list of great holidays from every month you can contact your clients that your competition will never even think of.


January: Make Your Dream Come True Day

Make Your Dream Come True Day is celebrated on January 13th. This is a great opportunity for you to tell your clients that you will help make their dream of buying a new home come true!

February: Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day is on February 17th. On this day, you can celebrate by performing random acts of kindness to your fellow man or woman. A great act opportunity for a certain promotion or a way for you to advertise the community service you’ve done.

March: I Want You to Be Happy Day

I Want You to Be Happy Day is a holiday celebrated on March 3rd that celebrates exactly what it sounds like. Tell them you’re the person who will stop at nothing to make them happy! This is a great excuse to touch base and remind past clients how much you care.


April: No Housework Day

No Housework Day falls on April 7th. This day is comical, and it would make for a great reminder to all the stay-at-home parents/spouses who normally do the housework while their better half is out of the house. This way, they get a day to relax instead of clean!

May: Be a Millionaire Day

Be a Millionaire Day lands on May 20th. What better way to “be a millionaire” than shopping for a new, bigger home. This will make a great card and help you advertise the many beautiful homes you have for sale in their area!

June: International Picnic Day

International Picnic Day is on June 18th. For this holiday, you are supposed to throw a picnic with your friends and/or family. That’s why you should send your clients a card, reminding them to throw a picnic in their gorgeous backyard!


July: Hammock Day

Hammock Day rests on July 22nd. On this day, why not send a card to your past clients of a beautiful backyard with a hammock to help remind them of the joys of home ownership.

August: Senior Citizens Day

Senior Citizens Day is on August 21st, and it is a great day for you to send your senior clients some great cards thanking them for all they have done in their long lives. You can also share relevant information with them like buying a new home for senior or even the benefits of a reverse mortgage.

September: National Good Neighbor Day

National Good Neighbor Day is celebrated on September 28th. For this holiday, you are supposed to tell your neighbor how much you appreciate them. What better way to get homeowners to be friendly to the person next door?

October: Evaluate Your Life Day

Evaluate Your Life Day is pondered on October 19th. On this day, you are to evaluate everything in your life and truly contemplate if it is what you want and if you are truly content with your life.

November: Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day is on November 20th. On this day, you are to see the beauty in your life. For this holiday, send your past clients a card telling them you hope they see the beauty in the wonderful home you helped them buy.


December: National Roof over Your Head Day

National Roof over Your Head Day is on December 3rd. This holiday is a meant to celebrate the fact that you have somewhere to live. It may not be the most perfect home in the world, but having a place to live is a wonderful thing and should be treasured. This is a great time for you to send your clients a nice card via online or through mail, wishing them a happy holiday. Who knows, they may even want to buy a new home with you to celebrate having a different roof over their head!

By utilizing these holidays to contact your clients, you will surely hear back from some of them thanking you. Since this is such a great way to get your name out there, here are more holiday ideas that you can use to contact your past and future clients with!

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Give Listing Clients Peace of Mind


It’s no secret that it’s a seller’s market right now. A lot of agents are even saying, “My listings sell themselves!” That’s great for you and all, but when a home seller hears that, they wonder why they should bother paying you at all.

You have to list to last in this business, so in a seller’s market you will have to go even farther above and beyond to separate yourself from the pact. The best thing you can offer a seller in today’s real estate climate is peace of mind. Let’s take a look at how you can do just that!

listing clients peace of mind

Provide Seller-Centric Insurance

Usually when closing on a home, the seller agrees to home warranty insurance for the buyer’s new appliances and whatnot for up to a year. This is pretty standard and not many sellers are going to bat an eye to this concept. But what if there was a way to provide a similar insurance to your sellers themselves?

Since you’re confident you can move the listing quickly, consider offering insurance for your clients clear up until they’ve got a sold sign in their front yard. If any appliances break or something gets damaged, you’ll cover it on your own dime. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean you’re paying for previously existing maintenance. So if the basement has mold, you’re not paying to have that removed. But if the dishwasher busts unexpectedly while the property is on the MLS, you’ll gladly replace it.

This may sound expensive. Is it too risky? Not at all! First, such a policy will boost your business and thus pay for itself, but we’ll talk more about that at the end of this post. More importantly, there’s not actually much risk factor at all. Most of your listings lately have been selling in just a couple weeks (if not a couple days). If you do your job well, you’re not giving your sellers much time to break something before the house is off their hands altogether!

Provide Your Own Services

One of your HouseHunt Exclusive Agents has an interesting offer for her selling clients. For every home seller that lists with her, she offers to pay for either two hours of labor from a professional handyman, OR she will provide four hours of her own labor.

This offer for personal labor can be cashed in however the client feels necessary. For some homes, she’s enlisted to power wash exterior walls (to assist curb appeal). For others, she simply helps the family pack boxes of their belongings. As she humorously puts it, the four hours can be used “for anything but sexual favors.”

But Won’t This Cost Me Money?

Just like the insurance policy, the handyman service hours give sellers peace of mind. It removes a lot of the risk factor that comes with selling real estate. And why can you afford to pick up this risk cost? Because you know you’re in a seller’s market. When just about any random agent can move a listing in no time, it’s the details and the minor costs that will make you an agent worth talking about.

Having policies like those listed above will not only give you powerful points in any listing interview, it will give customers something to talk about. Your referral business will skyrocket with each unconventional service you provide.

Sellers know what the market is like right now. They know their listing could probably sell itself. So when they wonder, “Why would I pay an agent,” you can be there with an answer!

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75 Unique Customer Service Quotes [Infographic]

By Martin Baird

Smart business people know that customer service is how you set your business apart from all the competition. This infographic with 75 customer service quotes were curated to touch, move and inspire people. The customer service quotations and tips are from a variety of wonderful people but they are all designed to remind people that the customer is the only reason they have a business.

This infographic with 75 customer service quotes is designed to be used in a variety of ways. It can be used for daily inspiration and motivation. It can be used as a training tool or just as a fun visual reminder of how important customers are to the success of a company.

A couple of our favorite customer service quotes are…

Quote number 25 is “In the world of internet customer service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”

Quote 72 is from Walt Disney he said, “Do what you do so well they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

For businesses to grow long term they need to constantly work to train and develop their team so they deliver customer service excellence. Enjoy these awesome customer service quotes and use them to make your business’s customer service even better.



About the Author: 

Martin Baird is a world leader in the areas of customer service training and development. His book Customer Service from A to Z is available now and is packed with over 130+ awesome and unique customer service tips, ideas and thoughts. He’s been interviewed on Discovery Channel, CNBC and Travel Channel to mention a few. If you’re looking for proven ways to improve your customer service he has your answers. His new web site has customer service quotes, tips and ideas that any business can use to improve customer service and grow.


10 Examples That Prove Sex Sells Real Estate [NSFW]


In marketing, it’s often said that “sex sells.” But is this true for real estate? The answer isn’t as simple as a yes or no. To investigate, let’s look at 10 times real estate agents tried to market their listing (or themselves) using provocative and sensual images, and how each did or didn’t pay off.

WARNING: This blog post does not feature any not-safe-for-work (NSFW) pictures, but links out to the original marketing materials being discussed. Many of those said materials feature racy or expletive images. 

sex sells real estate

10. 99 John Deco Lofts

Studio condos aren’t normally very sexy, even in a competitive market like New York City. To combat this, this building hired a couple young and attractive models to cuddle and prove that girls won’t immediately lose interest becuase your real estate investment doesn’t even have a bedroom. Plus, it proves to be pet friendly!

Where: New York, New York

Effectiveness: Site claims the condos are 85% sold

99 John Deco Lofts
99 John Deco Lofts

9. Sexiest Realtor Contest

Controversial contests like these probably exist everywhere, but we found San Francisco’s the be the most publicly advertised. Locals can vote on the most attractive real estate agent, male or female. That agent gets a cash prize and the free publicity. Luckily, votes are based off their official Realtor photos, so you never have to worry about a scantily clad agent popping up on your browser!

Where: San Francisco, California

Effectiveness: Contest comes with a monetary prize, so the winners surely say it’s effective.

8. Man-Bikini

When one of his listings was struggling to sell, Kieren Gray decided to take some photos and film a listing video in just his speedo. He advertised that, “This property is so hot, you’ve got to take your gear off to get inside!”

Where: Australia

Effectiveness: The house sold shortly after the change up in marketing


7. Model Tour Guide

We first talked about this post on ActiveRain, but the officially listing video has since been taken down. We’ve attached a photo to give you the idea. Model Allira Cohr wears expensive clothing (/ lack of clothing) to guide you through a luxury listing while zen music plays in the background.

Where: Broadbeach Waters, Austrailia

Effectiveness: Well, the reason the video is no longer available is because the property sold after driving hundreds of thousands of views to the listing video.

Ray White Realty
Ray White Realty

6. Lifestyle Shots

If you ask the agents from Peters & Associates about their provocative listing photos, they would argue that these posts aren’t meant to be sexual at all. Instead, they’re meant to promote a “lifestyle.” When people buy a home, they aren’t just buying a house. They’re buying an ideal. Furthermore, if you go through their photos, you’d start to gather that many of the photos are tongue-in-cheek anyway.

Where: Concord, North Carolina

Effectiveness: The company concedes that the shots aren’t done to sell the house faster. They’re simply meant to draw in more buzz. Furthermore, they say the sellers have a lot of fun getting these pictures taken and that referral business is through the roof.


5. Chocolate is an Aphrodisiac 

Look at this picture! These listing photos have it all: intrigue, betrayal, and a spacious walk in closet. It’s like a Spanish soap opera! What you may not know from that picture, is that the listing was once the home of Baker’s Chocolate. Because of that tie-in, the marketing for this house also featured a nude woman covered in melted chocolate. To see those NSFW videos, click on the image below.

Where: TriBeCa, New York

Effectiveness: Featured on this episode of Selling Higher with Michael Mier, so it must have worked fairly well.



4. Nest Seekers


It’s always the luxury listings that need models touching each other sensually in order to move listings. This international company tried this to “try something outside of the box and place models in ads for certain listings to illustrate the fabulous lifestyle that many of our clients enjoy,” according to Nest Seekers CEO Eddie Shapiro.

Where: International Agency

Effectiveness: undisclosed


Models In Listing Photos
Nest Seekers

3. Cheeky Australian

Okay, first, a warning: this is where the “sex sells” concept really started to get pushed to it’s limit. So if you want to avoid racy content, this is a good place to stop reading.

If there’s one thing NEO Properties knows, it’s who really makes the decisions when it comes to home buying. Over 80% of home-buying decisions are influenced heavily by women, so these cheeky ads were marketed towards that demographic. In these video ads, you see a nude male model guide you through the two-story estate. The punchline of the video is, “So much privacy you can walk around naked.” Very NSFW.

Where: Australia (…again)

Effectiveness: The sellers had spent $30,000 on traditional marketing and did not get a single offer. When they switched agencies, this ad went viral and they made $3.68 million in a tough market.


Full Video on Vimeo
Full Video on Vimeo

2. Now That We’ve Got Your Attention

While the last listing was clearly targeted towards a stereotypical female audience, this one is for the stereotypical male. This loud listing video opens like an action movie, including a kidnapped woman in lingerie. Then the adrenaline-fueled scene is cut off by two agents saying, “Now that we’ve got your attention…” and going on to explain the features of the listing. While this is one of the racier ploys on this list, it is also one of the most effective and still clearly conveying the perks of the real estate, rather than the models.

Where: Australia, of course

Effectiveness: The house sold and the agency proudly advertises their 1.6+ million views on the video.



1. Chelsea Controversy 

This is far from the best example of marketing on this list. As a matter of fact, you may not even notice the listing in these marketing materials. And unlike the previous examples, it doesn’t just feature an attractive model showing you the house; it features two models who can’t keep their hands off each other throughout the house. The entire video is steamy, there wasn’t even an appropriate still to show you. Click the links above or below for the making-of video behind this raunchy marketing.

Where: Chelsea, New York

Effectiveness: Featured on the most buzzed about episode of Selling Higher with Michael Mier ever, so it must have worked fairly well.



Sex may not sell real estate. But it does get people talking about the listing and you as an agent. If it’s true that no publicity is bad publicity, this may be a good way for you to go. Just remember to highlight the features of the listing more than you highlight the features of someone inside.



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