Anatomy of Great Social Media Posts [Infographic]


There are a lot of little ways to boost the effectiveness of your social media posts. Here are some tips and tricks on every major platform to make the most out of your online communication.



Timing on all posts matters. You want to post when you’ll get the most activity from your followers. Here’s a guide to the best times to posts on various platforms.

Facebook users love links. Be sure to direct your audience somewhere, often your own blog or website.

Images will give your post longevity on social media.


ON twitter, include a Call to Action. Tell the audience to “Retweet if..” or “Click here for…”

Don’t abuse images on Twitter. They will make your post more noticable, but if you use them on every update it will be exhausting to readers. We recommend using one image per day. The rest of your posts should be all text.

Include 1-2 hashtags per post. If you can work them into the text content, it will feel more natural and less spammy.

Generate a short URL when posting to Twitter. This way, your link eats up ferwer of your characters, and it just looks more professional. Here at HouseHunt, we use


With LinkedIn, remember your audience. You’re appealing to the white collar professionals, so give them a REAL reason they should bother clicking whatever you’re trying to share.

Images are important even on LinkedIn. When you share a link, the site will automatically generate an associated image, but you can change it to your own image if you would like.

LinkedIn will also auto shorten your link. You don’t have to worry about a URL shortener.


Google’s social network has a lot of fun ways to play with formatting. *You can make text bold by putting it between two astricks.* _You can also italicize text by putting it between two underscores._

Hashtags are important on Google+. If you don’t use your own hashtags, Google will plug some in for you. So you might as well pick some yourself.

Images are important on Google+. Here is a list of ideal image sizes for each social media platform. Google+ is fun because they even allow you to use GIF files as your images.

Post visibility is based on virality. The more interaction your post gets, the more people Google will show it to. Kick off the activity by +1’ing your own post.


Tag people in your network to boost visibility. If you just sold a home to satisfied clients, take their picture and tag them in front of the sold sign (with their permission). There are all kinds of creative ways to engage your clients in Instagram.

Hashtags are the simplest and most effective ways to gain followers on Instagram. We recommend using your tags in a separate comment on the post so that the caption portion isn’t cluttered.

Linking to a post on Instagram is tricky. You can’t hyperlink within your caption, so the best option is to refer people to your profile page. It’s just a click away and can have a hyperlink to your site.

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Bad Real Estate Agents


There are many good real estate agents who just want to help people find the perfect home and make a fair commission. However, there are still agents out there who want to cheat clients and get there way no matter what. Those agents are notorious for giving everyone in the industry a bad name because of how they do business. So here are the five types of bad agents out there who you do not want to be like and alternatives to become a better agent.

Bad Agent

The Unprofessional Agent:

This agent may not be new to real estate, but they sure act like it. This agent is late to meetings and forgets important documents. They wear inappropriate attire and lack self confidence. You may have worked around agents like this before, and you cannot help but feel sorry for them because they truly have no idea what they’re doing.

Bad Agent


Be professional! It is your job as a real estate agent to show up on time, dress professionally, and be confident. The more professional you are in front of your clients—the more they are going to take you seriously.

The Swindler:

This agent is a lying, con artist who will stop at nothing to get you into any home they can make a quick buck on. Nowadays, you may see less and less of these agents, however, they are out there. This agent is cunning and clever; they will word everything they say to their advantage and lie about anything in order to make the sale. These bad agents will never reveal problems with a home and let the buyer find out for themselves after the deal has closed.

bad agent


Do not lie to your clients! Always tell the truth about a listing, and do not try to sell any home to a client just to get their money! Be honest and always sell the perfect home for each and every client you have.

The Pusher:

This agent is pushy and obnoxious. They push their client to move forward no matter how they feel about a home. Whether it’s the paperwork, viewing properties, or closing the deal, this type of agent will want to get the process over with as quickly as possible.

bad agent


Treat the client how you want to be treated. If this sounds like some of your tactics, learn to have patience with your clients. We know that you’ve sold many houses in the past, but this particular client may have never bought a home before, so the process is entirely new to them. Learn to have patience, and you will become an agent who will attract lots of clients who want to steer clear from pushy agents.

The Underminer:

This bad agent will never let their client have any power in the home-buying process. They will assert their power over their clients throughout the entire deal. Their client will have little say, and this type of agent will always assume they’re right. This causes lots of problems and anger for the client.

bad agent


Stop thinking you’re better than your clients! If you have acted this way before, do not undermine your clients anymore because it will only hurt your sale and reputation once the deal is finished. Try uplifting your clients instead. If they are incorrect or uncertain about something, explain the correct way of doing it or how they should actually go about the sale.

The Inattentive:

This agent will not listen to anything their clients tell them to do. They will even forget important details or events that their clients asked them to remember. This type of agent never understands the situation and consistently lacks focus. This is incredibly annoying for their clients, who often end up finding a different agent who can complete the sale.

bad agent


Learn to listen! It’s as simple as that; listen to what your clients say and ask you to do instead of always being in your own world. Even if you are a great real estate agent who works well on your own, you’re always going to need your clients input to know you’re on the right track with them.

Ask your peers and read reviews of unappealing qualities in agents. If you find out that you have some of these bad traits or qualities, it is your job to become a better real estate agent. If you plan to see more clients and sell more homes, then you have to learn better skills and characteristics that good agents have. When you do, you will see a tremendous gross in your client list and everyone who will want to work with a real estate agent as profession as you!

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How to Get Better at Real Estate Writing


Being an agent means more than just selling homes all day. Often times, you have to take out a pencil and write a thank you letter to a client, edit the copy for a listing online, or look over an offer with a pen to make sure everything is in order. Real estate and writing go together. That means it is your job as an agent to learn to write accurately, clear, and professional. So if you thought real estate was a career that did not require much writing, unfortunately, you were wrong. But not to worry—here are some tools, techniques, and ways for you to become better at real estate writing.

Real Estate Writing

Does Writing Really Matter?

Yes, writing matters! If you write a note to a client or a nice letter thanking them, do you really think they are going to take you professionally if they see spelling errors and grammar mistakes? If you write listing copy that has tons of mistakes and lacks enthusiasm, do you think you’re going to find the right buyer? No, so the sooner you learn the rules and dynamics of writing, the better for you and your career.


You don’t have to spend your days reading dry books on how to become a better writer; you can simply read news about real estate and housing. Read interesting real estate blogs or blogs on home improvement. Why do we suggest reading? Well, if you want to get better at writing, you’re going to have to start reading. Reading is the best way to learn how to write, form sentences, use grammar tools, and even get ideas for your own blog or listing copy. Try reading something you like, and if you pay close attention to the sentences, you’re going to learn what you need to know to become a better writer.

Real Estate Writing

Write Together

If you do not feel that you are good enough to write listing copy or any real estate writing on your own, ask a fellow agent to help you. They can either write portions of whatever you need or simply look over what you’ve written. Ask them to edit your writing, and they’ll tell you what already looks good on paper. This way, you’ll save time and have another pair of eyes look over your real estate writing for you.

Look Online

If you do not know how to use grammar tools in your writing, look online to learn how to use different tools. If you are not sure how to use a semicolon, colon, or dash, do not start using them until you understand their uses. At first, you may not understand how these tools are used, but you’ll get the hang of them once you practice your writing for a little while.

Types of Writing

As a real estate agent, there are many different types of writing you might do. You may write for your own blog. You might guest blog—meaning writing for an affiliate company’s blog to get you and your company’s name out there. You will write offers to clients and most likely write the listing copy for your listings if your company does not already have a designated copywriter. Even letter writing and referrals to your clients mean that you need to write well in order to impress past and potential clients in the future. If you write poorly, your clients and potential clients will never take you seriously.

Real Estate Writing

Hire a Real Estate Writer

If you do not want to learn or have the time to learn to write well, then you can always hire a content writer to do your real estate writing for you. You can find freelance writers who will write everything you need for a reasonable fee. All you have to do is tell them what you want written on your real estate site.

By just taking the time to practice your writing, reading for enjoyment, and asking for help when you need it, you will become better at real estate writing. Once you’ve gotten the hang of writing, be sure to show off your new real estate writing skills to your fellow agents. Who knows . . . they may ask you to write some copy for their next listings.

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12 Sponsorship Ideas for Promotion [Infographic]


Use these sponsorship ideas to support causes you’re passionate about, build local authority, and promote your brand!


1. Charity Donation

Align yourself with a certain cause and the organization will likely recognize you in newsletters, social media, etc.

2. Local Arts

Support community theater or a similar event and you will get free advertisement in the playbill or other hard-copy materials.

3. Local Sports

Or pay for kids to play little league. Your logo could look great on their jerseys!

4. Scholarships

Associating with the education system will promote to current and future home owners by reaching students and parents.

5. Festivals

Sponsor a parade float or town celebration; especially great to target specific clientele.

6. Adopt a Highway

Take care of a stretch of road in your town and you’ll see your name and logo on the side of the highway. Like a billboard with a purpose!

7. Farmers Market

A farmer’s market is about meeting friendly folks as much as it is about the food. Distribute free coffee or tote bags to passersby.

8. Pet Adoption 

When starting a new home, buyers may look for a new family member, too! Their Realtor should host a shelter adoption!

9. Radio

Local radio programs usually have loyal followings and are always in need of funding.

10. Building Fund

Contribute money to a construction project in your town. This can get a building (or at least a brick) named after your company.

11. Park and Beach Clean-Ups

Host a park or beach clean up to show your care for the town while building your brand.

12. Community Events

Buy a booth at a government event. Host a 5K. Throw a party at the community center. The opportunities are endless!

Placester Academy
Placester Academy

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How to Take Great Listing Photos


Taking listing photos is one of the most important parts of selling a home. It is probably the most important part for people searching online. The better the listing photos—the more the home is going to stand out. Whenever a listing photo isn’t up to par, potential buyers lose interest and move on to looking at the next home. Since 90% of homebuyers start their searching online, this is why it is crucial to always take great listing photos. So let’s take a look at some listing photos from that look great and how you can learn from them.

Listing Photos

Exterior of Home:

Taking a photo of the front of a home is the most important photo when listing a home online. Here is a great example of a good exterior photo of homes. The camera is at a great spot where it’s able to see the entirety of the home. The entire view of the front of the home is shown, and the quality of the camera brings out all of the details of the home.

Listing Photo

Living Room/Bedrooms Rooms:

You need to stage the entire interior of the home as you take the listing photos. That means clean furniture, items, and tasteful decorations placed accordingly throughout the home to appear as though they are ready to be used. That does not mean keeping dusty, old, or used furniture or items out in the open. You may need to rent furniture or other items to help stage your listing if the furniture and items do not look great on camera.

Listing Photo

The best way to take pictures of bedrooms and the living room is to encompass the couches, beds, and items throughout the rooms. Make sure the beds are made, and the couch cushions are all in place. You never want to take listing photos of rooms that looked lived in. The rooms should be as clean and staged as possible.

Listing Photo


Kitchens must be cleaned. All pots and pans have to be where they’re supposed to be. Refrigerator and microwave doors should be closed. Countertops should be clear, and all food items should be put away. It is best to have newer appliances, but if your older appliances work and look great, then go ahead and include them in the photos.

Listing Photo


Bathrooms can be the most difficult to shoot because of the cramped the area you have to work with is. To get around this issue, simply take photos of the bathroom in sections. You can shoot photos of the sink and mirrors, and then take other pictures of the bathtub and/or shower.

Listing PhotoListing Photo

Back of Home:

The back of the home should be photographed like the front of the home. You should make sure there is no clutter in the backyard: trash, trash bins, toys, and any other noticeable items should be hidden out of sight. The grass should be mowed, and if there is a pool, it should be very clean and filled. When a pool is empty, it looks like it might need to be fixed even if it doesn’t.

Listing PhotoListing Photo











You should always take pictures with good lighting. That means using the windows to bring in lots of light, or you turn on the lights in whatever room you’re in. This way, you’ll have the light you need to get great color and see the entirety of the room.

Listing Photo

How to Shoot:

You can take great photos of your listing by getting as much of the room or home as possible within the frame. You should take listing photos by:

Standing in front of the door or entryway.

Using a tripod to hold the camera steady.

Taking above eye-level shots of the rooms or home.

Filling the entire frame with the interior.

Utilizing sunlight if the room has windows or working with your flash if you need to.

Use photo-editing programs after you upload the photos to your computer if you need to adjust the lighting or filter of the photos.

What Type of Camera to Use:

Try your best not to use your Smartphone as your camera. If, however, you have lots of features, apps, and tools you can use with your phone to enhance the image quality and/or take amazing panoramic shots, then use your phone for those characteristics.

The type of camera you buy is up to you. However, a camera with a megapixel of 20.0 resolution or higher has much better quality than a camera with less pixels. The costs for these quality cameras usually start around $50 and up, depending on where you buy it and what brand the camera is.

You don’t have to buy a $2,000 professional camera to take great listing photos. You can always hire a professional photographer for a flat fee to come shoot the entire home with their professional equipment, and they will then send the listing photos to you.

Listing Photo

Even if you are not selling million-dollar listings, you should still have great listing photos on your website. Do your best to take great listing photos, and you will see more clients interested in the homes you sell simply because of the great photos you take!

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How Do People Find Their Realtor? [Infographic]


A lot of your customers wonder how to find a realtor, so we take a look at the most common ways for clients to find you. Seeing what effectively drives business in real estate will help you better plan your marketing and outreach budgets.



Before we look at the methods people use to find their real estate agent, let’s look at the most important factors they’re considering when making the choice. The top desirable quality in an agent is the reputation of an agent and their honesty and trustworthiness. These two qualities are each ranked as the most important factor by 23% of consumers. 15% want to use a personal friend or family member, even though that is often a bad idea. 13% want somebody who is a community expert.

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with buyers or sellers, first-timers or repeat customers, the most popular way for people to find their agent is through referrals. Repeat business is also an extremely important factor for sellers and repeat buyers.

The median rate for referral and repeat business for all Realtors is 21%. Naturally, the rate of referral and repeat business increases with every year in the business.

All information comes from the NAR 2014 Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers.

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How to Freshen Up a Smelly Home for an Open House


You’ve been to some smelly homes. Everyone has. But as a real estate agent trying to sell a home during an open house, it is your job to freshen up the home, make sure it looks great, and smells wonderful! Lots of potential buyers are going to be there and do not want to be in a smelly home! So here are some awesome ways to make the home smell fresh again.

Smelly Home

Get Rid of Furniture

If it is the furniture that is causing most of the smell, either ask the owner to get rid of the items, or store them in a storage unit or the garage during the open house. This way, the furniture won’t smell up the home, and the guests won’t have to see it as well. If you’re left without a lot of furniture, you can rent furniture to stage the home properly.

Steam Clean the Carpets

Did you know that carpets are responsible for most of the smell in a home! Aside from furniture and animals, dirty carpets are home to lots of awful smells that can be gotten rid of by steam cleaning. A good steam cleaning may cost a little extra, but it is worth it to get the smells and even some stains out of the carpeting.

Vacuum the Carpets

smelly home

If you are short on time, the best thing that you can do is vacuum the carpet and use carpet-cleaner powders and sprays on odorous places or spots on the carpet; then vacuum those areas. Arm & Hammer, Bissell, and Febreze all make great carpet cleaning products to help you get out the stains and smells in the carpet. This will help alleviate the smell if you do not have time to steam clean every carpet in the home.

Air Freshener Sprays

Air freshener sprays are a quick solution to minor odors, but they do not tend to last very long. Often times, these sprays simply mask the intense odors. They float in the air, and make the room smell good for a while, but the great smell tends to fade away. This usually leaves the odor in the smelly home taking over again.

Scented Candles

smelly home

Scented candles are an alternative to sprays. They may only mask the odor, but they will burn and last longer than an air freshener spray. Simply find your favorite scented candle, light the wick, and let the aroma fill the room with a fresh scent as long as it burns! If you want to preserve the scented candle between visits, simply put the wick out and light the candle 30 minutes prior to your next guests’ arrival.

Odor Eliminators

Odor eliminators are a great alternative to just masking the smell. Odor eliminators are able to eliminate odors chemically as they are dispersed into the air or onto the odorous areas. They will get rid of the odors without just masking them. Arm & Hammer and Febreze have lots of great odor eliminator sprays and products on the market.

Keep Windows Open

You should keep the windows open during your open houses if you have to sell a smelly home. If you keep the windows open, you will continue to have a breeze and fresh air enter the home. This will allow air to cycle throughout the home, and the guests will breathe much better.

Smelly Home

A smelly home is not just uninviting, but it’s detrimental to your sale. The best thing for you to do is to get rid of the odors as best as you can. As long as you find a solution to the bad odor, you should be able to get lots of clients interested in the property during your open house.

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New Real Estate Devices


New technology is constantly coming out. Whether it was the Apple iPod over ten years ago, or the Apple Watch just recently, we’ve see it all. As technology moves rapidly, so do you as a real estate agent. It is your job to stay up-to-date with the latest forms of devices to help make your work, life, and day-to-day tasks much easier. So we’ve found some new real estate devices that will benefit you directly as a real estate agent.

Real Estate Devices

Apple Watch:

Real Estate Devices

The Apple Watch is awesome if you like stylish watches that act a lot like your Smartphone. There are tons of different features, like maps, messaging, calling, notifications, fitness guides, and it even has access to the app store. This device is great if you want a stylish piece of technology that you can wear daily to not only impress your clients, but help you complete day-to-day tasks and events, the Apple Watch is for you.


Real Estate Devices

Cuff is a jewelry device is helpful for so many things. It is considered smart jewelry in the sense that it connects to your Smartphone to vibrate and alert you of calls, text messages, and notifications that you phone has even if it is not next to you. This is great device to use if you constantly keep your phone in your purse.

As you wear Cuff, it will even keep you safe with the press of a button. If you feel any dangers around you, you can press the alert button. It will then alert your emergency contacts on your phone that you are in danger, and it will give them your exact GPS location. This is great for having open houses in new and unfamiliar areas. These pieces of jewelry are as helpful as they are beautiful.

EyeSee360° GoPano:

Real Estate Devices

GoPano is a device that allows you to use your iPhone to create panoramic views of whatever you want. This is great for listings. You will be able to create panoramic shots and videos of interiors of homes for sale. You can then send those clips to clients or upload them to your real estate site. It’s that simple to use!


Real Estate Devices

GlassUp glasses are not bulky, dorky, or too futuristic looking for 2015 . . . Google Glass, anyone? In fact, they look like regular glasses, but they do so much more! You can wear these glasses to give you turn-by-turn directions as you drive. This is great if you don’t want to stare down at your GPS or Smartphone as you drive through new neighborhoods with your clients.

With these glasses you can get news updates, view your emails, use social media, and even find out information on local tourist destinations. If your clients are not from the area, finding local spots to share with them would be a fun and helpful way to get them to fall in love with the new area.


Real Estate DevicesiBox is a new type of smart lockbox. You can link it to your Smartphone to open whenever you choose. These smart boxes take account of the agent’s name, office, phone number, and even the time the box is opened. This box is an ultimate lockbox that provides safeguards and mechanisms to ensure that every time the home is entered, it is monitored, and everyone is kept accountable.


Real Estate Devices

inReach is a device that acts as a phone tower if you are in areas with no service. So if you’re constantly showing homes or looking in new areas without cell phone coverage, you can use inReach to help you stay in touch with clients and anyone trying to call you. Not only is this great for your real estate business, but this can be a life saver. If you are stranded, inReach offers an SOS service that you can use to contact them 24/7. They will then be able to send a search team to get you out of any emergency!

These real estate devices will help you become more efficient as an agent. Their uses will allow you to allocate your time for more important things rather than trying to figure out a location of a home or finding phone service. Real estate devices are here to help you become a better agent, so hopefully you’ll use some of these devices and see the many benefits they have to offer!

Real Estate Devices

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LGBT Housing [Infographic]


If you’re looking to serve the LGBT community, it’s important to know what they’re looking for in their community and in their real estate agent. A study this month from the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals (NAGLREP) has some powerful insights into LGBT housing preferences and concerns.


Market Potential

The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) population has a collective buying power of $840 billion. 25% of LGBT plan to buy real estate some time in the next three years.

Community Priorities

The top priority for LGBT home buyers is a community with a low crime rate. 99% of buyers said this was important. 97% of buyers say Anti-LGBT discrimination housing laws are important. 96% would like to live in a progressive community, while only 82% consider it important to live near other members of the LGBT community. Only 52% of buyers consider it important to live in a known LGBT-friendly neighborhood.

Real Estate Agents

When it comes to their agent, LGBT prospects want someone with an excellent reputation as a Realtor. 93% of LGBT say that is important in their search for their representative. 86% say it’s important that their agent be an LGBT ally. 78% say their looking for years of experience in their agent, while 55% want an agent with higher education certificates in their industry. A quarter of LGBT buyers and sellers think it’s important that their agent actively supports LGBT charities and causes.

So does sexual orientation matter in the real estate agent? 47% of LGBT who have used a real estate agent say their agent was straight but LGBT friendly. 22% had agents who identify as LGBT. 22% also used an agent with a history of helping the community with their real estate goals.

State Laws

81% of LGBT community say a ruling in favor of same sex marriage would boost fiscal confidence to buy real estate. The Supreme Court is expected to present a ruling on this issue some time this summer. In the mean time, only 13 states don’t allow legal gay marriage.

To see how states gained their marriage equality, check out ProCon.

More surprising, not very many states have laws to protect LGBT from housing discrimination. States with laws protecting housing rights for gay and lesbian are New Hampshire, New York, and Wisconsin. A few more states also protect gender identity discrimination. Those states are California, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington.

To see state-by-state analysis of all LGBT issues, including LGBT housing discrimination laws, check out the Human Rights Campaign.

Click Here to Read the Full NAGLREP Study, Click Here.

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Real Estate Cars

By <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”author”>Edward Hurley</a>

Real estate agents know that their cars say a lot about them as professionals. Reality TV shows about real estate agents always seem to show the glamorous side of real estate. They depict their agents as incredibly wealthy and always living in the most beautiful homes and driving the best cars. This may be true for some real estate agents, but not all of them have the best homes and cars. <a href=”” target=”_blank”>So does it really matter what a real estate agent drives</a>?

<img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-8267″ src=”” alt=”Real Estate Cars” width=”735″ height=”492″ />

<h2>Luxury Buyers</h2>

However, not every real estate agent needs to drive a Mercedes or Porsche. Many agents who do work directly with luxury buyers drive luxury cars. Luxury buyers often expect a sort of treatment and look when it comes to their agent.

<img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-8269″ src=”” alt=”Real Estate Cars” width=”500″ height=”334″ />

However, if they are looking to buy a five-million-dollar home, many luxury buyers expect their agent to drive a car that isn’t 15 years old and needs a new paint job. As shallow as it may sound, when it comes to luxury buyers, it is best to drive a car that shows your success as an agent rather than a car that has been reliable throughout the years.

<h2>Other Clients</h2>

Your everyday clients are going to be slightly different than your luxury buyers. They are not going to expect that you drive a car that costs as much as their next home, but they appreciate it when their agent drives a very clean and fresh-smelling car.

<img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-8270″ src=”” alt=”Real Estate Car” width=”500″ height=”334″ />

It does not matter if you drive the latest version of a particular sports car. However, you want to keep your car in great shape, and it should have four doors to accommodate for your clients and their family. You should consistently clean your car, keep the paint job shining, make sure it smells good, and make sure all of the interior and safety features work throughout the car. This way, your clients will feel comfortable and safe in your vehicle. They will then want to spend lots of hours in it looking at potential homes they’re going to eventually buy with you as their agent.

<h2>Does Your Real Estate Car Really Matter</h2>

<img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-8271″ src=”” alt=”Real Estate Cars” width=”700″ height=”247″ />

Do the <a href=”” target=”_blank”>material things, big homes, and nice cars really matter in real estate</a>? It truly matters in terms of what kind of vibe you want to put out about yourself as an agent. Perhaps you want to drive an SUV to accommodate for families looking to buy a home. Or maybe you want to impress high-end buyers with that faster, smaller car. Either way, you’re going to want to know what type of agent you’re projecting to your buyers partly due to the car you have. So if you want to attract luxury buyers, maybe drive that new sports car. However, if you want to continue to accommodate for your everyday clients, keep the car you have, but make sure it is as clean and comfortable for them as possible!

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