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Selling a Home in the Winter [Infographic]


The winter can really take a toll on businesses, especially in real estate. Surprisingly there are consumers that actually prefer buying a home in the winter. In this infographic we provide tips on selling a home in the winter, so your business doesn’t freeze.

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A Closer Look at Marketing Success Rates


In a recent National Association of Realtors study, home buyers and sellers were surveyed on how they found their real estate agent. The results can certainly give a strong sense of what works well and what does not, in terms of real estate agent marketing efforts. In the wake of these results, however, many Realtors are quick to write off some significant aspects of their budget. Here’s a closer look at marketing success rates so that you can budget accordingly and not waste valuable resource.

First, here are the results from the NAR study-

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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging [Infographic]


Blogging is very essential in real estate, but many agents make the same common mistakes. Here are a few that you should avoid when blogging.


6 Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging

1. Shhh… Don’t blog about your client’s private information.

Tip: Avoid mentioning client’s name or specific business transactions.

2. Bite Your Tongue-: Never trash talk  your competitors. Stay professional.

Tip: Make strong points without discrediting another business.

3. Don’t forget: Always share your blogs on different social media platforms.

Tip: Be consistent. For steady growth, post once a day.

4. Stay Humble: Don’t brag about how much money you make. Stay focused on real estate.

Tip: Write about the market, moving, mortgage rates, etc.

5. Keep it polished: Formatting is key. Your blog needs to be clean and appealing.

Tip: Add headlines, bullet points, images, and avoid long paragraphs.

6. Stealing: Don’t copy content from other blogs.

Tip: Produce original content, this will boost your SEO.

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7 Creative Holiday Season Marketing Ideas


The end of the year is a relentless slew of holidays. The end of the year also happens to be a pretty slow time for real estate. With all the commotion of the season and the cyclical dip in income, it may seem a strange time to ramp up your marketing efforts, but that’s actually exactly what you need to do.

The last three months of the prior year are when a real estate agent establishes momentum through name recognition-based activities that will carry him/her through the following calendar year.

It’s true market activity slows during the holidays. But by the second week of January, the market usually explodes back to the level that will last until the bustling summer months. If you’re not working hard at marketing right now, you’re losing market value for the inevitable boom when buyers and sellers soon start thinking again about real estate.

To help make sure your next year is a success, here are some holiday season marketing ideas as we round out 2014!

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8 SEO Tips for Lead Generation


Want your personal site or blog to rank higher on Google? Then you have to make your online presence search engine friendly. This strategy is called ‘Search Engine Optimization,’ or SEO. Considering 90% of home-buyers start their search online, great presence on Bing and Google is vital to lead generation. Here are 8 real estate-related SEO Tips for Lead Generation.

SEO Tips for Lead Generation

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