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How to Handle Objections in Real Estate


In the prime of his career, Jim Droz was the most successful real estate agent in the world – grossing over a million dollars per year four years in a row. Since then, he has been a prolific speaker at conferences around the country and author of the book Releasing the Winner Within. He is also an advocate for the HouseHunt and TIM System. He hosts monthly webinars exclusively for HouseHunt agents. Here is just a bit of his insight from his most recent webinar! (To learn more about becoming a HouseHunt agent, submit your information in the form to the right.)

how to handle objections in real estate

Too many Realtors view objections from the client as a bad thing – a sort of confrontation. This is not at all what customers mean when they ask the hard questions, and viewing it was such will only damage your reputation. Instead of getting defensive, use every objection from a prospect as an opportunity to highlight the pros of your business and share your expertise.

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Lead Follow Up Checkpoint


You’re driving down the road and you come across a police checkpoint. What happens? You sit up straight, get those hands at ten and two, slow way down, and turn down the music. Even if you weren’t doing anything wrong, you start doing things a lot better when there’s a checkpoint.

Well today is your Lead Follow-Up Checkpoint!

Read through this post and follow the advice, and you’ll suddenly notice all of your lead follow up get a lot better!

People’s gut reaction when they aren’t getting the results they want in their leads is to blame the lead generation tool their using. This causes agents to jump from platform to platform, spending a lot of money on start-up costs, but never getting results. Their second instinct may be to blame the customers. Turns out blaming or pressuring customers isn’t going to make them want to buy or sell with you. Let this serve as a gut-check for you and you alone!

lead follow up checkpoint

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Social Media Happy Hour [Infographic]


How can real estate agents maximize their efficiency on social media? Here’s a social media strategy for real estate professionals that covers every major platform! Cultivate leads from each platform in just one hour a day!

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List to Last (+ Buy to Build)


The mantra of the industry used to be ‘list to last.’ This meant that if you wanted to stay in business as a real estate agent, you needed to be primarily a listing agent. Listing agents were where the money was at, or so the argument goes. Today, it could be argued that the ‘list to last’ phrase is mostly outdated, and now agents can go with whichever aspect of the business they enjoy more.

Here at HouseHunt, we believe that you can make your business work by doing whatever you’re passionate about. That being said, we have a recommended business model for starting agents to help you figure out what works best for you. It takes into account the ‘list to last’ concept, while bearing in mind that to truly build your business, you’re going to need a decent percentage of buying clients.

Jim Droz, formerly the best-selling agent in the world and advocate for HouseHunt lead-generation services, recommends a 75/25 ratio for selling versus buying. Let’s take a look at why that ratio is important.

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Tips for Becoming a Successful Agent [Infographic]


Let’s face it, some agents give up on real estate–it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some good tips for becoming a successful agent.

To Become a Successful Agent

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