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Why Visual Storytelling and Real Estate are a Match Made in Heaven

By Lolly Spindler

As Edgar Dale conceptualized, we remember only 10 percent of what we read, but we retain 50 percent of what we see or hear. This is why producing visual content and participating in visual storytelling is so important when it comes to promoting your brand. Doing so is even easier given you work in an industry conducive to visual storytelling such as real estate.

Although having on page content is necessary—every one of your posts should include at least 300 words—Visually reports that posts with visual content generate 30 times more page views than posts with text alone. So how can you get started using more visual content to promote yourself and your brand? Here are five ideas to help you start engaging prospects visually.

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How to Use Social Media to Drive Leads [Video]


By this point, we all know social media marketing is imperative to any business. Check out these videos to see how you can use social media for lead generation and conversion in your real estate business. For more information, check out our free ebook on the subject!

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How to Get Excellent Real Estate Results in a Short Amount of Time


After starting with HouseHunt at the beginning of October 2013, Joseph Diosana got to work right away on building his pipeline and working his leads. In just three short months, he made two closings with his first HouseHunt closing in early 2014. Talk about excellent results in a short amount of time!

Joseph, who serves the Houston-Uptown Galleria area in Texas, has been featured on Houston’s local Fox 26 news channel in a segment about flipping houses and is well known and respected in the area.

Since he started using HouseHunt, Joseph has been consistent in taking our training classes and attending our webinars, following our conversion guidelines and customizing them to suit his needs. He’s noticed that one thing that makes the biggest impact are the personalized emails he sends to his potential clients thanking them for viewing the property listing. The email also asks if they have a timeframe for buying and moving into their new home.

In the past, most of his business has been referral based but after learning about Ron Armstrong‘s (another one of our successful member agents) successes with HouseHunt, he decided to give us a chance and he hasn’t looked back since. In fact, he has already sent a couple referrals to his sales rep, Jaime Westman.

Joseph primarily specializes in single-family homes and the closing he recently had was his first single-family home that was originally listed for $470,000—he successfully managed to negotiate it down to $454,000.

HouseHunt has most certainly made quite an impact on Joseph’s business, and he’ll be the first to tell you that thanks to our system and training he was able to quickly turn a deal around.

Great job, Joseph! We look forward to hearing about your many successful closings in the future.

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Real Estate Scholarship Program for Military Veterans

By Lolly Spindler

Real Estate Scholarship Program for Military

It pays to serve. Latter & Blum, the 34th largest brokerage in the United States by unit sales, launched a real estate scholarship program for military veterans late last year. Thanks to a redditor (a member of Reddit) who’s participating in it, I was able to learn about this incredible program and how much it offers our Veterans.

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What Does a Real Estate Agent Do Every Day? [Infographic]


According to NAR, the average real estate agent works 40 hours per week. That must be nice for those average real estate agents. But odds are you work 40 hours just before the ever busy weekend. A lot of customers may not realize what kind of stuff keeps an agent busy during the weekday.

So what does a real estate agent do every day? Here’s a look at a pretty typical week!

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